Brexit, cleft lip abortions, and EU eugenics.

 With all the news of Britain's exit from the European Union (EU), we should note a reason a number of Brits gave for voting for Brexit.  It's not one of the usual immigration or economic reasons. Instead, it's that they feel bullied by the socio-cultural policies of the EU.Most particularly, they note that all EU countries support abortion except the tiny EU nation of Malta.  Dr. K. Vella Bardon's recent article about U.K.'s eugenics foe C.K. Chesterton is reprinted below.But before looking at … [Read more...]

Cleft palate speech evaluation ain’t easy.

 Typically in the US, specialists evaluate children born with a cleft lip and/or palate after his or her lip and palate are closed in year one or two. If they find deficient structural elements (e.g., a short soft palate) for producing intelligible speech, they tend to advocate further corrective surgery. When all speech-creating structures are aligned as well as possible, then children have the best chance of developing normal speech. Speech therapists sometimes work with children as soon as … [Read more...]

Cleft lip doesn’t stop nation’s #1 rusher.

Imagine if you had a cleft lip and palate and your hi school football coach said this about you:“There is really nothing on the football field that Zamir can’t do. Zamir is an every down [running] back. He has the ability to run between the tackles. He’s physical, strong and can run through tackles but he also has the speed to run on the edge and take it the distance. He ran a 10.5 100-meters this spring. The other thing Zamir does well is catching the ball. He has very good hands from doing all … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day pics prove cleft lip isn’t always genetic.

No cleft lip or palate in son.Couldn't resist indulging in a little family boosterism this Mother's Day. The first pic shows two favorites of mine doing the Mother-Son Dance at John's recent wedding in Massachusetts. No cleft lip in daughter either.My clefts were  caused mostly by environmental factors (likely a vitamin B deficiency, but no one knows). A slight genetic predisposition might have rounded out the nurture-nature combo that's usually in play with clefts.  … [Read more...]

Time to buy Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal.

Gentle Reader,  As they say in radio, we've got to go to a commercial break now and then to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Since I'm not used to being a shameless promoter, I'll list some comments readers have used for Cleft Heart. They come in large part from Amazon review headings:“A Powerful and Moving Memoir”“Awesome book about overcoming obstacles”“Felt like I lived it”"Unless allowed a 6th star, I cannot recommend it more highly”“And ‘David slew his Goliaths.’ ”Artful rendition of … [Read more...]

A cleft lip, a prophet & perfection: an Easter story.

   Here's an excerpt from a  Harvard Magazine piece that covers many of my favorite blog topics: cleft lip, cleft palate, restorative medicine,  patient care, and the role of doctors. Are they just healers or are they prophets? Are they sometimes heroes, villains, or fools? In the story told below, there's a transformation, almost a miraculous one.Transformation.To set the stage: the piece below is also about writing and storytelling—activities I've had to master, esp for the most … [Read more...]

Cleft lip repair breakthrough—Dr.Millard.

 In an era when individuals and even families (the Kardashian entourage)) overuse cosmetic surgery—and in many cases with questionable, even disastrous results—it's important to remember the amazing things that reconstructive surgery (like cleft lip repair) can do. Both types of procedures are considered "plastic surgery."Plastic surgery to excess (check out the Kardashian crew): Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong:  Cleft lip repair innovator.While I've blogged about face transplants and other … [Read more...]