Thanks to fans of my book and blogs re cleft lip and palate.

I appreciate all of you who’ve followed my cleft lip and palate blogs over recent years.  I’ll continue to post info relevant to this most common of birth defects.

I’m also grateful to those of you who’ve bought Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal about my experiences with my clefts regarding bullying, facial asymmetry, speech difficulties, etc.

Since no good intentions or deeds ever go unpunished, I’m hoping you blog and book fans will consider giving copies of Cleft Heart to your doctor and dentist. Or to institutions such as these that deal with medically and/or dentally challenged kids.

Special thanks to those of you who’ve already done this or have gifted cleft kids and/or the health and communication specialists who nobly serve them. 

Cover images for Cleft Heart book: Author's corrected cleft lip + author's mother.
Author’s corrected cleft lip + author’s mother.

If you need paperbacks or e-books of Cleft Heart for health professionals or for friends and relatives, please go here and click on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble logos. They’re on the right-side of many pages, in the margins.

You might even consider gifting the book to your pet. Our dog, Monte Blue—the Anti-Bully Warrior— loves Cleft Heart, especially when he has no bone to chew on.

Small dog named Monte about to chew on  book abt cleft lip.

Monte about to chew on cleft lip book.


Info about Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal:

  • A kid—‑bullied for his unintelligible speech and teased because of a heart defect that prevents him from playing sports‑—fights back. He becomes a star debater in high school and at Yale. But then, in grad school he has to  navigate his way through an unspeakable family tragedy just before he is to marry.
  • The only memoir ever published by a cleft lip and palate individual about the cleft experience.
  • A coming-of-age tale about finding one’s place in the world, after confronting prejudice, violence, and family tragedy.

“A poignant, heartfelt tale of endurance and hope. Schonborn’s story is an inspiration to all who endure physical or mental health challenges and those who care about them.”                Former Secretary of State John Kerry

To learn about CLEFT HEART: Chasing Normal, click the Amazon or Barnes & Noble buttons in the margins. Or click the image of the book cover. My coming-of-age memoir has intertwining love stories, mystery, tragedy, and triumph.

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