Q: Where can I buy Cleft Heart besides at Amazon and Barnes and Noble?

A: It’s available

  • at innumerable stores across the country where fine books are sold
  • in California,  Books, Inc (e.g., in Palo Alto),  Canetti’s Bookstore (Orinda),  and Orinda Books.
  • in New York, Columbia Barns & Noble Bookstore in NY, NY
  • in Connecticut, Yale Barnes & Noble Bookstore in New Haven

Q: How can I order an autographed copy?

A: It’s easy.

  • Write a check or money order for $16.50 (includes tax) plus $6 for Priority shipping or $3 for Media Mail.
  • Enter info re inscriptions to others—being clear about how to spell names—on the Contact page.  Hit “Send.”
  • The specific address for sending your check will immediately be emailed to you.

Q:  Are there photos from the time written about in the Cleft Heart memoir?

A:  Yes. See the following blogs:

The collages may be seen all together at once at the author’s Pinterest site . 

 Q: How can I donate copies of Cleft Heart to health care providers  (a nurse, MD, DDS, audiologist, oral surgeon, speech therapist, etc.) who deal  directly with families with cleft lip/palate or heart defect kids?

 A: Three options.

     -One is to give your copy of Cleft Heart to your own providers (or those  your friends and relatives use) and ask them to pass the book on to colleagues on the front lines with orofacial and CHD kids. 

      -Another is to find a recipient amid the “Doctors” list on the Resources page (hit tab on the menu bar).

      – A third is to write Karl Schonborn via the  Contact page on the menu bar above.  He keeps a running list of health professionals who would love to get the book into families’ hands.

       See next Q&A, too. 

Q: Same question about gifting Cleft Heart, but this time re  organizations who might have use for the book and/or pass it on to families?

A: Consult the lists provided on  the Resources page (hit tab on the menu bar) .
     If you can’t find a suitable organization here, search the internet yourself. 

Q: How can I get a copy that says “Donated by ____” or a copy inscribed to a particular family or patient?

A: Follow the instructions in the “autographed copy” Q&A at the top of the FAQs here.

Q: Who’s who in the slideshow of paintings?

A: Here are their names, classified as noted:

Babe Ruth – baseball slugger
Marilyn Monroe – movie star
General George S Patton – WWII  mover n shaker
Benjamin Spock  –  “Baby and Childcareauthor,  anti-war activist

Charles Manson – serial killer
Babe Ruth – also villainous as wife beater
General George S Patton  – fired for slapping a soldier

Charlie Chaplin – silent film star, controversial lifestyle
Patty Hearst – kidnapped newspaper heiress
Marilyn Monroe – controversial lifestyle and death.