peeking justice with the words "crime, privilege and justice"


Do you care about unfairness?

Are you concerned by discrimination based on race, gender, wealth or looks?

Are you a writer, student, artist, or public speaker interested in examples of bias in the criminal justice system?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!


I’m Karl Schonborn, a criminology professor, true-crime author, and TV producer. I studied at the foremost criminology center in the country located at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I earned a PhD there and had classes with Marvin Wolfgang and Thorsten Sellin, respectively the Dean and Father of American Criminology.

As a professor I specialize  in the Law Enforcement part of the field (not the other two areas, Courts and Corrections). I’ve written five academic books and taught thousands of students.

At this website I offer useful tips and tutorials for advocates for bias awareness and for writers, journalists, and students dealing with criminal justice. This site started out as a place for me to share information about bullying, especially that triggered by lookism. But now the site also contains information about bias and  bloodletting (an everyday word for violent crime).

This is because I’ve started to research the notion of privilege as it relates to violent crime. While many scholars focus on how the under-privileged are routinely discriminated against by the crim justice system, my focus is on the flip side of the topic: how the system treats the over-privileged. These are almost always white men who are either wealthy, gifted (athletically, intellectually), or ambitious and well-connected. They often-as-not get acquittals or lenient sentencing for heinous crimes like  murder.

Privilege is a vital topic these days, and it needs more attention. If you agree, join my mailing list to get notified of new posts as well as advice for students about criminal justice research and tips for true-crime writers.


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This is a comprehensive site with much information about privilege, discrimination, and criminal justice. Here are some good places to start.

Criminology Research Tutorials

Interested in developing your skills regarding criminology research, crime writing, or sleuthing (whether you suspect you’re dating a baddie or a sex offender’s moved into your neighborhood)? That and more in my new series of criminology research tutorials.

Cleft Heart

My first non-academic book, Cleft Heart, is a memoir of how I went from being bullied for my unintelligible cleft-palate speech to debating at Yale alongside former Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Celebs & Lookism

Not just any celebrities, but anti-bully heroes, and those who’ve overcome the odds to find fame in a beauty-obsessed world. That includes:

I’m also a painter, and many classic celebrities are depicted in my Heroes, Villains and Fools life-sized painting series.

Villains and Fools

Abusers, bullies, psychopaths, criminal masterminds and more.  I’m driven to call attention to those who take advantage, from white collar criminals to hackers to serial killers. This includes celebrity villains like OJ Simpson and fun takes on pop culture, Scariest Horror Villains of all time?


I write about bullies and those in the crusade against them.

Privileged Killers: A criminologist loses faith in Lady Justice

My work-in-progress, Privileged Killers, is about highly privileged white killers I’ve had the misfortune to know, and the shocking challenge they posed to my beliefs and even my survival.