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Advance Endorsements, Testimonials

“A poignant, heartfelt tale of endurance and hope. Schonborn’s story is an
inspiration to all who endure physical or mental health challenges and
those who care about them.”               John Kerry (U.S. Secretary of State) 

Schonborn’s courage and candor are impressive as he tells of trying to become ‘normal’ despite endless visits to the doctors and speech therapists who give him a fighting chance at proving naysayers wrong.”                                                          Rhoda Agin, PhD   (Internationally known Speech Therapist                                                                & Author)

“Gives hope to all who contend with deformities, disabilities or depression.   Additionally,  Cleft Heart reads like a mystery book and has a love story to boot.”                Ronald Iverson, MD (Adjunct Prof Plastic Surgery, Stanford U.,                               Former President ASPS)

“Courage, humor, and a silver tongue help Karl Schonborn overcome a series of daunting birth defects and a tragic personal loss that might have defeated many others . He shows us how in his inspiring memoir. His story left this reader cheering.”                                              Chris Bernard   (author, A Spy in                                                                                       the Ruins)

“Schonborn details how he has overcome the cards dealt him. His narrative is inspiring and most helpful, particularly as he describes his changes throughout the decades.”                             Luis Vasconez, MD (Chief of  Plastic                                                                      Surgery, U.of Alabama Med School)

“I was really moved and excited to see the tale unfold. It’s a great story, an example to help others get through tragedies or misfortunes.”                                                Steve Clark (World’s fastest swimmer early ‘60s, Olympic                                                          Gold Medalist)

“This book is about finding one’s courage and strength of will under tremendous adversity, yet there is much passion, compassion and witty humor. It’s not only a poignant piece of writing, it’s a fun, witty journey.                                                                               Sandra Woffington, MFA (author,                                                                                                 Unveiling; editor, educator)