Roster of Players during Yale years of Cleft Heart

SPOILER: Do not linger here if you’re the type of reader who likes to be surprised with every turn of the page. Return when you’ve finished the . Likewise, if you enjoy fantasizing about how characters look, skip the photos.

Blog collage 2nd vrsn of III of Yalies in Clft Ht 21

Steve Clark photos courtesy of Robert L Eastaugh.

Key Characters at in Cleft Heart

Here are photos of the main players during the college years in my .

Clockwise from top left: Karl relaxing in Trumbull College suite at Yale (Ned in window seat). Star swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Steve Clark. Studying at desk with 4th floor view of a narrow courtyard.Columbia University Med School ID. Graduation with the Cup. Ned and Stark.


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