Mental & Drug/Alcohol Disorders


The worst part of mental disorders is that few are willing to talk openly about them, and fewer still are willing to listen.

For those afflicted by mental illness, this silence makes an already painful problem even worse. It can make their everyday life feel unbearable and the overcoming of obstacles seem impossible.

But there’s absolutely no shame in mental illness, and no one should feel that they can’t ask for help or share their story with others.

Depression, Suicide Organizations

-National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI ) Apropo of my “chasing normal” subtheme,
 “House M.D.” TV stars sell T- shirts s with “Normal’s Overrated”-all proceeds
 going to NAMI)
-National Mental Health Association
-American Association of Suicidology
-American Foundation for Suicide Prevention AFSP
-Suicide Awareness Voices of Education – SAVE
-Suicide and Mental Health Association International (SMHAI)
-American Sociological Association
-Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)

Veterans’ Mental Health Issues 

-Veterans’ Mental Health site run by Jennifer Scott

-Promoting Mental Health at Home: How to Design the Perfect Meditation Room

-Time To Talk: Tips For Talking About Your Mental Health

-Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-Ill Loved One: What to Expect, and How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward

-10 Forgotten Truths to Help You Get Through Hard Times

-The Guide To Managing PTSD As A Tradesman

-Here’s What You Need to Know About Reintegration



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