Paintings,  Silkscreen Prints, and Collages

From time to time, I’ll be adding artwork I’ve done to this gallery. Most paintings are around 3′ x 3′ or 2′ x 2,’ but some are 6′ x 2′  like the ones in the “Heroes Villains and Fools” series.  Silkscreen prints tend to be 2′ by 3′ while collages are usually 1′ x 1.5.’ Email me for price quotes via the Contact tab.

Paintings — Good people, with 2 possible exceptions.


Paintings —  Bad people, according to some Faiths. The “Seven Deadly Sins” series.


Lust - Painting of woman lying on her side.


One of paintings from 7 deadly sins series. Sloth


One of paintings from 7 deadly sins series. Greed.


One of paintings from 7 deadly sins series Envy


One of paintings from 7 deadly sins series. Anger


One of paintings from 7 deadly sins series. Pride.


Obese man reclining and fanning himself - in gold, turquoise & light blue pigments.


Paintings — Heroes

Ptg of heads of King, Stevenson, Thomas, Einstein

King, Stevenson, Thomas, Einstein

5 head portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Greenish ptg of Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secty-Genrl '53-'61

Hammarskjold, UN Secty-General

7 portraits of Caesar Chavez

Caesar Chavez

















Silkscreens — Celebs, Everyday people, and Haves & Have-nots.


Collages — Criminology topics.

Coming soon!


  1. Janie Junebug says:

    I love your work. It’s great.

  2. I always enjoy your seeing your artwork, Karl, especially the Seven Deadly Sins series. You were working on those paintings when Dennis and I visited you recently, so I’m very to be able to see the whole series here.

    I notice that the sins directed inward (sloth and gluttony) are depicted as men, while those directed outward (anger, lust, pride, greed, envy) are women. Though now that I think of it, greed could be considered to be directed inward.

    Thinking further on the subject, it seems to me that greed and gluttony are really the same sin: the yearning for more than you actually need or can put to good use. Well, having six deadly sins doesn’t have nearly the same ring as having seven ones. Seven is a magic number, after all.

    I think if I were called up to enumerate seven deadly sins, I would substitute cowardice for gluttony.

    • Thanks for the riff on 6-7-8 sins, Robert. I agree with your points, esp the part about ‘cowardice,’ which seems not to be in anyone’s vocabulary these overly-planned, highly-rationalized days.
      Ppl text every step of their way to your house, and rely on GPSes to travel everywhere w/o a hitch. And if one doesn’t do this, one’s helicopter parent will.
      Sure, there are few cowards among first-responders and those fighting our endless wars, but so many of the rest of us in the West seem cowardly, wussified. Just my 2 cents

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