Improved website, with Not-Blind Justice & Killing augmenting Bullying.

After more than a year of planning and reconstruction by my webmaster, my site is better and more interesting (e.g., featuring topics like not-blind justice).

Site has new, easier navigation.

The site is faster and easier to navigate now. The latter means you can more easily find blogs, info, and resources (including new links, books, promotions, fun quizzes) that interest you.  Just look for several pull-down choices under 9 new menu selections in red at the top of the site. And use , too, the handy pull-down choices added to a couple of the standard 8 tabs on the black navigation bar at the top.

Killing—and so much more—added to Bullying and Cleft Heroes.

I’ll be emphasizing Villains and Fools more than Heroes on the site moving forward. I won’t abandon Faces, Clefts,  and Bullying however. Instead, I’ll be dealing with people who started lives where bullying was the norm, and as a result they fell into serious crime.  As I research material for my next book, Four Murders and a Funeral, I’ll be blogging a little less often, but about topics I’m sure will interest you.

Lady w scales peeks from under her blindfold, leading to not-blind justice

Peeking means no-blind Justice

Not-blind justice.

What’s become clear in my book research is that the justice system peeks from under the blindfold of Lady Justice. There’s preferential treatment galore. I’ll unpack the invisible knapsack of white privilege and male privilege (think of violent criminal Brock Turner, the rapist). And I’ll do the same with nonviolent criminals like those who commit white-collar crime. Not-blind justice has to be addressed, even if it doesn’t comes from the usual places.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I’ll look at delayed justice and the Unicorn Killer as well as the insanity plea as relates to several serial killers .

Turning from blogs about how justice isn’t so blind (we all know how the poor are treated by the criminal justice system), I’ll look at the new field of Victimology and the Victims of Crime Assistance act. And I plan to blog, too, about which crime and gun crime statistics we can trust and which we can’t trust. I’ll pay attention to what we criminologists call “the dark figure of crime.”

And what is community based corrections? I’’ll explore this euphemism for probation and parole –whereby criminals are given 2nd, 3rd, and even more chances, often without any proof of rehabilitation. Inmates such as OJ Simpson get paroled according to formulae and without regard to the feelings and or safety of their victims (think of the Goldman family).

So, visit my site as often as you can and see what’s going on. We’ll go on an interesting journey as I write Four Murders and a Funeral.

Leave a comment, ask a question, or give me a piece of your mind. I’ll respond since I care about you and these topics.

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