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You’ve come to the right place to learn about faces, esp. ones that stand out in a crowd—the good, the bad, and the “ugly.” Together we’ll learn and share insights—via blogs, comments, guest blogs—about the social and psychological aspects of living with “facial differences” in a world that emphasizes looks.

What you bring to the discussion:

  • a lifetime of experience looking at and reacting to faces
  • a willingness to be open-minded and to engage and comment when so moved.

What I bring:

  • I’ve produced TV documentaries on the stigmatizing effects of oral-facial disorders and the psychological issues around reconstructive surgery.
  • Because I grew up with a cleft lip and palate, I’ve studied the psychological aspects of facial differences as a social scientist.
  • I’ve written a memoir, Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal, which conveys my experiences as a cleft kid. It is the first published memoir by a cleft about the cleft experience. Wayman Publishing just released the book to rave reviews. Cleft Heart shows bullied clefts and others that they can survive and thrive, giving them and their loved ones hope that they can live normal lives. [Continue reading]

Insulting comedy film features five cleft lip brothers.

Bust shot of butchered cleft "Men & Chickens" star.

In my blogs I try to flag those cultural outputs like jokes, quotes, movies, and the like that cross the line with regard to oral facial disorders. Judge for yourself. Read this promo blurb for the dark comedy coming your way called "Men & … [Continue reading]

Two stars battle bullying & cyberbullying.

Josh Groban, C.Simon

Singer Josh Groban. In this report, Groban recalls being bullied for his early interest in musical theatre:"Josh Groban was barely 10 when his parents ignited his love of musical theatre, needing only a VHS copy of "Sunday in the Park with George" … [Continue reading]

“Heroes and villains” & Brian Wilson’s psychological disorders.

Brian Wilson Wiki Cmns, Palanker '12

 The overall theme of this website is Heroes, Villains and Fools, tho admittedly I concentrate on the heroics of kids (and their helpers) who overcome bullying and facial differences stemming from, say, a cleft lip and palate. So, it's no wonder that … [Continue reading]

Boy hassled by bullies in film has new life.

Alex Libby, featured in "Bully", in a tshirt and glasses with a "flat" nose.

   Bullies got more than they bargained for when Alex Libby, one of the students in the 2001 "Bully" documentary, flowered and began to thrive in a new school. Tho Alex still has the flattened nose and Asperger's that triggered much of his … [Continue reading]

Facebook gives $200K to study cyberbullying, dating violence.


 This story is an important development, given that Facebook is clearly a major vehicle for cyberbullying.  An Indian-American researcher is heading up the study.It's fitting, or karmic, to post this story since I've just finished visiting … [Continue reading]

What ideal body type do men favor? Science is no help.

Drawing of 2 women with Composite of Celeb body parts

 According to this review of recent studies,  studies are all over the place regarding men's preferences for a woman's figure:Mannequins in store front display.   Ideal body type. America has become obsessed with women like Christina Hendricks, … [Continue reading]

Facial profiling technology for Pretty-Wannabes.


 Oh no. I've written blogs about facial recognition here (and facial discrimination too), but never anything specifically about facial profiling. While facial profiling sounds 1984ish, it also completes the analogy I've been slowly drawing between … [Continue reading]