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You’ve come to the right place to learn about faces, esp. ones that stand out in a crowd—the good, the bad, and the “ugly.” Together we’ll learn and share insights—via blogs, comments, guest blogs—about the social and psychological aspects of living with “facial differences” in a world that emphasizes looks.

What you bring to the discussion:

  • a lifetime of experience looking at and reacting to faces
  • a willingness to be open-minded and to engage and comment when so moved.

What I bring:

  • I’ve produced TV documentaries on the stigmatizing effects of oral-facial disorders and the psychological issues around reconstructive surgery.
  • Because I grew up with a cleft lip and palate, I’ve studied the psychological aspects of facial differences as a social scientist.
  • I’ve written a memoir, Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal, which conveys my experiences as a cleft kid. It is the first published memoir by a cleft about the cleft experience. Wayman Publishing just released the book to rave reviews. Cleft Heart shows bullied clefts and others that they can survive and thrive, giving them and their loved ones hope that they can live normal lives. [Continue reading]

Peyton Manning’s cleft palate: illustrated history.

QG Mannin doing push ups with his 4 y.o. son

Emily Pennington has told the inspiring story of Peyton Manning's struggle with his cleft palate.  What's wonderful about her story is that she's created an illustrated presentation of it on Prezi. What follows is a transcript of her presentation … [Continue reading]

QB Manning’s cleft palate: wonders on & off the field.

Peyton Manning out of uniform smiling.

 Cleft palate as an impetus to greatness.Struggles due to a cleft palate may be the key to understanding QB Peyton Manning's wonders off the football field . . . and maybe even on the field. Manning faces a titanic battle next Sunday against QB … [Continue reading]

Cleft lip Manning ends Brady’s Superbowl Dream.

Cleft lip hero QB Peyton Manning in orange Broncos uniform w/o helmet.

In a much-hyped matchup between quarterbacks–cleft lip Peyton Manning and handsome Tom Brady, it was Manning––the player that most had counted out––that shined the brightest.Due to Manning's diminished arm strength and a litany of struggles all … [Continue reading]

After cleft lip and palate surgeries, what happens?

cleft heart book cover

Have you read about the cleft lip kid in Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal yet?If not, order the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble now.Artful rendition of book cover.The inspiring story of a young man with a cleft lip and palate.You can read more about … [Continue reading]

Lookism: Eateries hide ugly diners in the back.

Lookism means attractive male and females get "golden seats."

 The owner of Greens––a well-regarded neighborhood restaurant serving inventive, globally inspired meat-free cuisine––comments on how seating works in some eateries. I've been to his restaurant in the Didsbury section of Manchester, England. I guess … [Continue reading]

Cleft lip hero QB Peyton Manning faces accusations.

Cleft lip hero QB Peyton Manning in orange Broncos uniform w/o helmet.

Talk about hitting a player after he's down. An "allegation" about cleft lip Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning using prohibited Human Growth Hormone (HGH) surfaced while Manning was sidelined by a foot injury (partially torn plantar fascia in his … [Continue reading]

Automated lookism? Robots to judge beauty contest.

Miss Columbia wrongly crowned. Lookism takes a hit.

Steve Harvey's recent mistake* as emcee crowning the wrong Miss Universe caused some of us to reflect on the silliness of choosing winners among a bunch of perfect-10 females. Well, now there's the possibility that robots may soon do the choosing. Is … [Continue reading]