Cleft lip superboy (Joaquin Phoenix) fights bullies.

Cleft lip (really micro cleft) actor, Joaquin Phoenix, then known as Leaf, uses his super-breath and heat-vision to rain death upon the three stereotypical ’80s bullies who dare to throw him in a dumpster. It’s just a dream, and he’s not actually Superboy.  

Video called Superkid: 

Cleft lip Joaquin Phoenix

Cleft lip Joaquin Phoenix


Cleft lip wonder.

Superboy (1988-92) was a flawed but likable attempt to put a youthful spin on the Man of Steel by placing him in college and ridding Metropolis of crime between classes.  John Haymes Newton did a respectable job in both Clark Kent’s oversized spectacles and in the cape and boots. Unfortunately, budget restraints and some woefully hackneyed scripts prevented the show from presenting Superboy’s exploits in the grand style of the comics, and 20 years after its release, the first season is best appreciated as a camp exercise than a true action-adventure series. Still, there are some moments that approximate the high-flying style of the comics books and guest stars like the youthful Phoenix in “Little Hercules” provide some interesting turns.

Phoenix has played a corrupt and vain Roman Emperor (“Gladiator”), a lonely writer who fell for an artificially intelligent operating system (“Her”) and even country music legend Johnny Cash (“Walk the Line “).


As I noted in an earlier blog , Joaquin Phoenix, 42, has just taken on the role of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, opposite Rooney Mara in new biblical biopic of Mary Magdalene. Here’s an update on that story.  For his role, the three-time Oscar nominee has grown a big, coarse bushy beard, and appears to have let his hair grow wild and long to depict a more traditional depiction of Jesus.


Filming Jesus’ death on Calvary – which Mary is said to have witnessed – Joaquin wore a white sheet wrapped around his lower body, while his back was covered in red lash marks and cuts.




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