Tan 2-story motel where Serial killer botches her 1st attempt.

Serial killer blows it big time here. EliteDaily

“Aspiring Serial Killer Botches First Try.”

[T]ried and Failed to Become a Serial Killer

The Seattle Times has the scoop. 

Times reporter Sara Jean Green writes,”A 24-year-old Edmonds woman [Amy Brown] allegedly told police she planned to kill a [29 y.o.] man she met online, eat his heart, and leave a note on his body so police would know she intended to kill again, according to court documents in the bizarre case.”

Here’s How the First Attempt Went

“The man and Brown were lying on the bed talking and Brown asked several times if he was a serial killer, and he told her he wasn’t, the statement says. He told police Brown then climbed on top of him, stated, ‘Well, I am a serial killer!’ and stabbed him with a pocket knife, it says.”

Serial Killing with a Pocket Knife 

Is not the most efficient way to do it. The man survived with a punctured left lung.

This Guy, Though 

Told a police officer that he created a Craigslist ad—this is how he met his knife-wielding date—”not to solicit sex, but for friendship and possibly dating purposes.” Anyway…