Update on NFL Martin Incognito Bullying Scandal: two other players involved.

Report released on bullying scandal involving Miami Dolphins’ Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito.

I’m passing on–without comment–this relatively neutral summary of the others named in the Wells Report to the NFL .  “Without comment” because there is much to digest in the report. I’ll weigh in on some of the report’s findings and other interesting issues in my next blog. Meanwhile, why don’t you chime in?

Two linemen in Dolphin turquoise jersies w/o helmets talk to one another off field

Incognito (l) Martin (r) NYDailyNws

Wiki Summary of Well’s NFL report naming John Jerry and Mike Pouncey  

“On February 14, 2014, lawyer Ted Wells released a report (NFL summary) following an investigation into the matter ordered by the NFL. The investigation concluded that Incognito, and to a lesser extent fellow offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pounceybullied Martin, yet another (unnamed) Dolphins offensive lineman, and also a Dolphins staff member, an unnamed assistant trainer.”

Details of taunting of Dophins trainer

“The report also concluded that Incognito, Jerry, and Pouncey made severe racial slurs towards the assistant trainer, and Incognito and Jerry even taunted him by saying that they had had sex with his girlfriend.

On December 7, 2012, the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey donned traditional Japanese headbands featuring a rising sun emblem (which the assistant trainer had given them) and jokingly threatened to harm the assistant trainer physically in retaliation for the Pearl Harbor attack. The assistant trainer confided in Martin that he was upset about the Pearl Harbor comments, finding them derogatory toward his heritage, as the assistant trainer is from Japan.”


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