Serial killer motivated by revenge.

Revenge is a pretty straightforward motive. Dr. Anthony Garcia got even with two fellow doctors whom he felt treated him badly. Their “misbehavior” happened  during and after his pathology residency with them years ago.

Revenge Serial Killings as spree killings.

Characterized as a serial killer by the media, Dr. Garcia’s crimes don’t fit into the pattern most expect of serial killers. He went on  two killing sprees, separated by two years in time. Most serial killers kill one person at a time over a long span of time.

Pics of 4 Revenge serial killing MD s victims.

Revenge serial killing MD’s victims.MurrChap WOWT

Here’s how one reporter describes the not-so-good doctor and his situation:

Dr. Anthony Garcia seemed to lead a successful life, with a house on a quiet street in Terre Haute, Indiana, and a Ferrari parked in the driveway.

Behind closed doors, however, police say it seemed the opposite: His life was “falling apart.”. .

Police say he was driven by a years-long revenge plot after he was fired from Nebraska’s Creighton University in 2001 and was dogged by bad references from his former supervisors. Garcia killed four people in two double murders, in 2008 and 2013, including one of the doctors who dismissed him from Creighton. One of his victims was an 11-year-old boy.

Revenge was not sweet by any stretch.

All four were viciously stabbed. In two of the killings, authorities say he left the same grisly signature: a knife stuck in the right side of their necks.

In 2013, Garcia was charged with four counts of first-degree murder. He was convicted in October /2013/. . . .

What Police Found in the Disgraced Doctor’s Home. 

/Investigators/ discovered a disconcerting scene inside Garcia’s home: empty rooms and closets; a practically barren refrigerator; and mortgage and insurance policies and other financial documents stacked on the dining table.

It turned out that Dr. Garcia was broke, and he was facing foreclosure on his home.

“Well, it appeared to us that he had made some deliberate attempt to kind of lay things out, so people could get his affairs in order,” Omaha, Nebraska, police detective Derek Mois /related./ “And we see those things, as homicide investigators, when [we] investigate suicides.”

Investigators also combed through Garcia’s electronic devices and online data. Mois says … the former Creighton University pathology resident regularly visited strips clubs and liquor stores. “He was not working regularly,” he says. “So it looked to us collectively like his life was falling apart.” 

XCU shot of head of Revenge Serial Killings MD

Revenge Serial Killings MD MurChap WOWT

What’re your thoughts about Garcia’s motivation? How would you react if you were “blacklisted” from working at a job you’d trained nine years for?