Peyton Manning: Special treatment re sex scandal?

Today’s blog begins to transition from the main prior focus of the website (clefts, disabled heroes, etc.). It embraces a newly added focus, loosely called ‘discrimination’ which includes special treatment of males, superstars, etc. by society.

This blog features a compelling combination of both the former focus and the current focus of my website. The key phrase is “Peyton Manning cleft palate special treatment.”

Peyton Manning cleft palate special treatment.

A little known fact about Peyton Manning is that he was born with a cleft palate. That means he was a special needs kid ’till finishing his reconstructive surgeries and speech therapy.

After that, his 6’5″ frame, his throwing arm, and his prodigious memory for football plays and patterns made him special in another way,

Manning has been treated as sports royalty for most of his football career by, among others, 

  • the University of Tennessee where Manning allegedly sexually assaulted his trainer,  
  • his NFL teams,
  • publishers of books about the Manning family, and
  • the mass media from ESPN to Sports Illustrated.* 

This shouldn’t be surprising since Manning’s family is to football what the Kennedy family is to politics. 

Peyton Manning cleft palate Special treatment? Sitting on front porch steps.

Peyton Manning cleft palate. Special treatment? Family of QBs.


There are three NFL superstar QB’s in the family:

  • Peyton, considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game, has won two Super Bowls;
  • his younger brother, Eli, has also won two Super Bowl rings; and
  • Peyton’s father, Archie Manning, was an Ole Miss hero who became a standout as a New Orleans Saint QB.

Special treatment no more?

However, a news story by Shaun King of the New York Daily News says Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies. Reporter King lays it out using explosive court documents showing an ugly smear campaign against Manning’s alleged sex assault victim, Dr. Jaime Naughright.

3/4 shots of Manning w football juxtaposed with & Naughright in black dress.  Peyton Manning cleft palate Preferential treatment?

Manning & Naughright. Preferential treatment?


While nowhere as serious as the crimes committed by fellow athletes Brock Turner, Oscar Pistorius, and O.J. Simpson, Manning’s involvement in this sexual harassment case is significant  because of the unsullied Christian  image he and his family have crafted over the decades.

There have been other allegations of scandal in Manning’s life —the use of human growth hormone to enhance performance and other transgressions.** However, special treatment by reporters and jurists have rendered Manning almost scandal-proof.

At  least so far.

Dr. Naughright—an  Ed.D professor now and the victim in the University of Tennessee sex scandal—received a $300,000 settlement in the case. However, she later sued the Manning family and others for defaming her in a book that’s still in print and available.

And she ***continues to complain—in other lawsuits and countersuits—that Peyton Manning, cleft palate notwithstanding, gets special treatment masking ongoing offenses against her.

So, stay tuned…


*Longtime Sports Illustrated writer Lars Anderson, in fact, wrote The Mannings, the definitive story of his family’s football dynasty.

**While perhaps a rumor, many speculate that Manning cheated on his wife with television meteorologist Angela Buchman. Some allege it went on for 2 years from 2009-2011.

Others claim he also received sexual favors in a car outside of the Superdome in Louisiana from a couple of NFL cheerleaders. Yet others allege he delayed a team flight in Atlanta back in the day. Apparently he was busy – ahem – “entertaining” two Falcons’ cheerleaders.


***Jamie Naughright’s saga:

As a 20-year-old athletic trainer, Naughright testified that Peyton asked her inappropriate questions and hit on her before exposing himself to her.

Ultimately, she felt she had to leave the U. of Tennessee over the episode and the resultant campus hysteria when she filed a complaint.

Tho she received a settlement, she has said that her career was irreparably harmed by the incident and subsequent developments (Manning’s book years later did not paint her in a very positive light. It cost her a job at Florida Southern University. She sued Manning for defamation of character).


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