Incognito-Martin Bullying affair: May take Two to Tangle

Two beefy football linemen standing side by side in their jerseys w/o helmets --Richie-incognito-jonathan-martin

Richie Incognito (l) and Jonathan Martin (r)                            Courtesey Doctors Hospital

Perceived vulnerability and Bullying

Newly released messages between Jonathan Martin and his family may indicate it takes two to tangle. A report by  John Healy  (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS) suggests that the perceived vulnerability of Martin may’ve egged on Richie Incognito and others.

Martin and Incognito played next to each other on the offensive line for the Miami Dolphins until last year when Martin quit the team and Incognito was let go by Dophins management.

Healy’s article reminds us that weakness of any kind often whets the appetite of bullies –just as it does in the animal kingdom at large. Healy states:

“This case illustrates that Jonathan telegraphed his inability to resist bullying, thereby fueling the very practice he feared.  Very much like situations in nature where predators seek out the weak who fall behind the retreating herd.

The possibility of Martin being depressed.

One commentator re the New York Daily News article said in response to another commenter about possible depression on Martin’s part:

“He has depression, jerk! If you haven’t gone through it like I have, you can never understand.”

“I have, but being sad and wallowing in your own pity is never the answer. You have to realize you’re making something out of nothing and you alone have the power to change things. Seems like they [Martin’s supporters] were sending him  that message here, Man Up and don’t stress these things, or get on some meds that can help you.”

Whether Martin was depressed–or whether it was a cause or result of his feelings of vulnerability–he probably played a role in the fact that his bullying by teammates was chronic, not a one or two time affair.



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  1. Glad you liked the post. Check out my latest post re Martin. Some sad recent developments.


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