How to be attractive to others—a New Year’s Eve PSA.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I rail against lookism most of the time. In the spirit of fair play, tho, I’m featuring tips today garnered from recent research about how men and women can enhance their chances of being physically attractive to the opposite sex. This might come in handy New Years Eve, even for couples who’ve already attracted the partner of their dreams (never hurts to repackage the product.)

This is a  public service announcement, therefore. PSA’s are non-commercial messages directed toward the public and the community. And they often—in the interest of fair play or equal time—counter some of the usual messages put forth by, say, a television or radio  station. PSAs were started as an effort by the Federal Communication Commission to require stations to run a minimum amount of programming and information for the community. (Usually, PSAs are the reverse of this one. They help promote the ideas and agendas of non-profit organizations such as ones for people with disabilities.)


A few months ago, Business Insider, BI Video gave us six scientifically proven tips on how men can be more physically attractive to women. Now they have six for women – all based on scientific studies. How can I object. I’ve made a career as a social scientist trying to be as scientific as possible. I also cite studies whenever I can on my blog.

Here’s what scientists have found makes women attractive:

  • 7:10 wasit-to-hip ratio
  • healthy hair
  • high pitched voice (connotates youthfulness).

    So what can women do about it?

  • Smile more (tho women prefer men who don’t)
  • Wear less makeup (40% less, in fact). The natural look is in.
  • Wear red.

    Oh yes, here’s what Business Insider reported regarding men: 

Men are preceived to be more attractive if they

  • Maintain good posture (sit up more)
  • grow heavy stubble
  • Smile less
  • Get big muscles
  • Sweat more
  • Wear red.

    So there you have it. Go out and attract the multitudes. Have a Happy New Year’s Eve. . . and New Year.

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