‘Gone Girl’ still victimized by cyberbullying.


In this my first first blog of 2017, I will begin a process of including more topics about villains, apropos of the theme of this website. Today, I’m writing about a cyberbullying villain.

Matthew Muller, 38, was eventually arrested in connection with the March 23, 2015  kidnapping of  Huskins after authorities noticed similarities to a separate home invasion in Dublin, California. Muller was already in custody on charges stemming from that incident. He confessed and awaits sentencing now. He could get life in prison.


Head shots of cyberbullying victim Denise Huskins & kidnapper Matthew Muller: attractive blonde and dark-haired villain.

Cyberbullying victim Denise Huskins & kidnapper Matthew Muller.

‘Gone Girl’ copycat receives cyberbullying daily.

Here are excerpts from Kaileen Gaul’s  recent cyberbullying story: 

“The woman who the Vallejo, California police department wrongly accused of faking her own kidnapping has revealed she still receives cruel messages online almost two years after the traumatic incident. 

Denise Huskins was dubbed a ‘Gone Girl’ copycat. But, she was forcibly taken from her home March 23, 2015, by kidnapper Matthew Muller.

Her boyfriend Aaron Quinn,  at their home [also, during the crime], said he was drugged and his eyes were covered by her kidnapper. Quinn was told that if he went to the police, Huskins would be harmed and Muller set a ransom at $17,000.

On Sunday [Huskins] posted on Facebook a screenshot of a stranger’s [post] who messaged her asking: ‘Are you that horrible, lying woman who faked her own kidnapping?’

A stranger sent this vile message to Denise Huskins. She wrote a Facebook post about the cruelty she has received online and Aaron Quinn also wrote about the online absue

.  .  . 

She wrote in the post: ‘Congratulations, person I have never met, never heard of who hates me so much that he went out of his way to message me this disgusting, demeaning, dehumanizing outrage.’

She continued: ‘All I did was survive, and I was criminalized for it. We are trying to do the right thing and let the system do its job.’ 

Ms Huskins went on to talk about how hurtful messages are and how this reopens old wounds and causes her to relive the horrific two days.

Mr. Quinn is also hurt by the cyber abuse. In an emotional post he wrote: ‘Denise endured unimaginable horrors and should have been treated like a hero when she got home but instead she continues to endure vile messages such as this one.’

‘Nevertheless she conducts herself with love and grace. She’s my favorite person and unquestionably my hero.’ “

The case was compared by many to the film Gone Girl in which a woman fakes her kidnapping.”


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