Could AI fight cyberbullying or ID suicidal depressives?

AI Fight Cyberbullying

AI Fight Cyberbullying

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Hope you’ve learned as much as I have about AI’s possible ability to fight cyberbullying.

** DEFNS – Machine learning is software that learn from examples. You don’t code machine learning algorithms. You train them with large sets of relevant data. For instance, instead of trying to explain how a cat looks like to an ML algorithm, you provide it with millions of pictures of cats. The algorithm finds recurring patterns in those images and figures out for itself how to define the appearance of a cat. Afterwards, when you show the program a new picture, it can distinguish whether it contains a cat or not.

Many people equate machine learning to artificial intelligence. However, AI is a loose term, which can be applied to anything ranging between complex rule-based software to human level intelligence that hasn’t been invented yet. In reality, machine learning is a specialized subset of AI, which has to do with creating programs based on data as opposed to rules.


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  1. Giovana de Angeli says:

    No doubt it could. Despite criticism, AI has a lot of potential to help humanity!

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