College admission scandal. Now, waiting for the Loughlin shoe to drop.

A quick update in the long broiling college admission scandal.

The Huffman shoe has dropped in the scandal. See my Varsity Blues blog about this when the case broke.

The Sentence.

A  judge just sentenced actress Felicity Huffman to 14 days behind bars in a federal prison, a $30,000 fine, one year of supervised release, and 250 hours of community service.

For more about what went down today in Boston, go here.

Celebs & CEOs are likely to beat the rap

Celebs (Huffman in ctr) in college
admission scandal.

My take on the sentence is that it’s extremely light, as one might expect in a celebrity case. Oddly, Ms Huffman’s camp worried that the judge would be hard on the actress just because she was rich and famous. This rings hollow just as do many of the cries from whites that they’re victims of reverse discrimination.

Ms Huffman and her lawyers certainly tried to use emotion to influence the judge —writing an extensive apology letter and calling in testimony as to her new, just-found-religion/ethics, character.

What’s your reaction to the sentence?

Was justice served,  and will Huffman’s sentence have an impact on Lori Loughlin’s?


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