Cleft lip Katie’s shot at Miss Canada.

A while back I introduced Katie Barrow, a young stunner who wasn’t letting a cleft lip get in the way of her dream to compete in the Miss Canada Globe beauty pageant. I chronicled her efforts to raise money to get to the event in Toronto this month. She did bake sales, auctions, flea markets, and dance club events to finance all the expenses (outfits, gowns, etc.) associated with the pageant.

Cleft lip isn’t holding Katie Barrow back.

Pretty young woman holding cut out word spelling "Believe."

Pretty girl with repaired cleft lip sitting at table.

Katie Barrow at AboutFace event.

Recently, twenty-year old Katie has had to practice her music for the talent portion of the event and build social media buzz to gain votes for the People’s Choice Award which gives a boost to the winner in the final judging.

As a delegate to the pageant, Katie has represented her region of Canada, namely, Newfoundland and Labrador in various capacities. (She’s from a small town called Corner Brook.) Her passion to help others started at a young age, and so she has had no trouble working with various charities, especially her favorite—AboutFace.*

She has helped promote About Face* and several pictures here show her with other people with facial differences. She has also helped raise money for other charities, including over $9,000 for a teddy bear convoy for Janeway Children’s Hospital. 


Cleft lip and other oralfacial disorders.

Pretty gal amid several AboutFace enthusiasts—all wearing AF t-shirts..

Katie & fellow AboutFace enthusiasts.

 Katie knows we’re all beautiful inside and that’s what counts.

Katie tells everyone to “Believe in yourself. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”



Cleft Lip and Alveolar Notch

 According to the pageant profile:

“Katie was also born with a “facial difference” called an incomplete Cleft – Lip and Alveolar Notch, which occurs when a baby’s face and mouth don’t form properly. This interfered with her speech, hearing, and breathing. Katie has had many surgeries throughout her childhood starting at just 12 weeks old. Growing up, Katie would consistently get teased and bullied because of the way she looked.”

Two women, one with a reconstructed face, hold sheet of paper w news about Katie Barrow.

Katie’s fans holding Press Release.


Pretty young woman with photo of herself before cleft lip surgeries.

Katie w pic of herself before cleft lip surgeries


Woman in purple gown crossing the national stage.

Katie crossing the national stage.


So what happened?

Sorry to say, Katie didn’t win. But she’s still upbeat. As she said repeatedly, she got involved in the pageant because she wanted to raise awareness of true inner beauty. She believes that we’re all beautiful inside. 
Katie currently is pursuing a degree in Psychology  at Memorial University. She confidently takes steps towards making her dreams a reality.


Pretty woman in glamor head shot.

Katie’s official pageant photo.


 * “[F]ounded in 1985, AboutFace is the only Canadian charity dedicated to providing support and programs to individuals with facial disfiguration, and their families. Since its creation, AboutFace has aided individuals with a facial disfigurement via a network of cleftcraniofacial and specialty teams and clinics. Following initial treatment, it offers an ongoing system of speakers, presentersand camps, for youth, ages 10 to 18, who have a facial difference. The overall educational program was created by Paul Stanley, of the rock band Kiss, who was born with an ear deformity.” WIKI.

Lately, AboutFace has  gained chapters and is mentioned in US government resource lists.



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