Celebrity privilege. See who are among DUI royalty?

Celebrity privilege is a type of  “Special treatment!” We know the latter phrase if we grew up with a sib  or if nursery school or kindergarten teachers used it.

Parents in the U.S. and early teachers drilled it into our heads—no special treatment, wait your turn, share toys with others.

So, it’s not surprising that Americans talk about privilege, discrimination, preferential treatment a lot.

Preferential crim justice treatment for celebrity privilege?

Celebs have long been ordered to undergo rehab rather than jail like you and me when they’re caught abusing drugs. Admittedly, some of us non-celebs are getting this choice these days in a few progressive jurisdictions.

People from all walks of life suffer from substance abuse problems. Millions of people struggle with addiction, but only about 10 percent of them get real help.

Are celebs different, catching more breaks than most, ending up with help?

You decide… and then let me know in the comments section below.

Judges and commissioners often want to use rehab instead of jail when confinement does not match the nature of the crime committed. Unlike many poor offenders, celeb offenders—addicted to drugs who commit a minor crime under the influence—are often given court-mandated rehab instead of jail.

Admittedly fame can be a hurdle on the way to sobriety. Success and popularity frequently do not allow celeb addicts to admit to their problem. This may lead to serious consequences, including destructive behavior or or illegal actions.

Celebrity privilege at play for these who finally underwent court-mandated therapy

According to one recent account, here are a few celebrities, mostly of the Hollywood ilk, who are considered DUI royalty. That is, they’ve been ordered by courts to take part in rehab.

3 pics of Nick Nolte. Celebrity privilege?

Nick Nolte. Celebrity privilege?






They include

  • NICK NOLTE  was suspected of driving under the influence which was a reason why he entered a Connecticut clinic a while back.
  • MEL GIBSON was ordered 2006 to attend rehabilitation classes because of driving under the influence of alcohol. He also had to pay a fine and serve three years’ probation after this incident.
  • BOY GEORGE, who suffered from drug addiction, agreed to undergo court-ordered drug treatment program in order to avoid imprisonment on cocaine charges.
  • RUSH LIMBAUGH was ordered to undergo drug treatment because of illegally obtained drug prescription.
  • NICOLE RICHIE was arrested for possession of heroin in 2003 and was ordered to complete a drug abuse treatment program.
  • LINDSAY LOHAN underwent drug treatment ordered by a judge many times. The last time, she was sentenced to lockdown rehab due to reckless driving and lying to cops. She couldn’t leave the facility.
Lindsay Lohan - celebrity privilege?

Lindsay Lohan – celebrity privilege?






So, what d’ya think? Are celebs—often born with looks, brains, talent, or wealth—lucky in other ways? Like, do they get crim justice breaks due to celebrity privilege?
Who else would you add to the above list?


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