Announcing the addition of collage materials to my website.

It’s kinda exciting.  As part of the slight reorientation of this Heroes, Villains and Fools website, collage materials pertaining to criminal justice topics will be created. They’ll be added to the art gallery from time to time. Click here for the gallery.  


If paintings or prints aren’t your thing, collages might be. 

Collage materials, as you probably know, are flat artworks like the prints (silkscreens serigraphs) I’ve done. Instead of  2′ by 3″ like my prints, my collages tend to be 1′ by 1  2/3.’ They are one-of-a-kind and tend to have attached “found-objects” about 1/4″ in height. While a tad like assemblages, my collages easily fit into standard picture frames.


Rauschenberg collage materials influenced me.  

collage by Robert Rauschenberg titled Palladian Xmas

Robert Rauschenberg collage, “Palladian X”


I come at my art from a pop art, Andy Warhol type perspective; and so you’ll see a hint of Robert Rauschenberg and other ’60s artists in my collages.  


So, occasionally check out my art gallery on this site to see my latest collages.

And don’t forget to comment on them. 

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