Cyberbullying——actresses Willis and Patridge talk.

Last March and early April, I blogged about cyberbullying and featured Monica Lewinsky’s Ted Talk about it. Well, two more celebs have weighed in about being cyberbullied: Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) and Audrina Patridge  (reality star and TV personality).

Cyberbullying – The Fastest Growing Faceless Crime.

As I  noted in prior blogs, Patti Agatston, PhD— from—defines cyberbullying as “using the Internet or other digital devices to send or post negative message, images or video clips about others.” Examples might be making fun of someone’s appearance on Instagram, sending nude or revealing photos to classmates, or threatening bodily harm to someone on a Facebook page. 

Rumer Willis and Ashton Kutcher in 2010. (Photo credit should read GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Rumer Willis and Ashton Kutcher

Rumer Willis, a 26-year-old actress and singer, wrote a hard-hitting essay recently about bullying for Glamor magazine.

She chronicled her personal struggles with online cyber bullying and offered others advice for suffering at the hands of tormentors. She gave suggestions about how to overcome the worst episodes and how to build up one’s confidence. She confessed she “struggled a lot” with body image and was “constantly bullied” for her looks.

Ms. Willis also urged women to be more compassionate towards one another. She wrote, “We all need to stop bullying ourselves and being cruel to other women. Attacking one another instead of supporting one another has become the norm. Life’s hard enough as it is. Let’s find strength in the fact that we’re different and unique.”

Ashton Kutcher, Willis’ former stepfather,  heaped praise on her after reading her essay. He wrote, “It’s amazing that you’re telling your story and speaking up for other women.”

Even attractive Audrina Patridge gets cyberbullied.

Audrina Patridge  (ranked #16 in FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women poll in 2010) has admitted in a recent interview that she gets cyberbullyed a lot and that it makes her miserable. 

Reality star Audrina Patridge in single shoulder red sequin dress

Audrina Patridge at Heart Truth fundraiser.

Patridge is a well known actress and TV personality having appeared in movies such as ‘Sorority Row’,  ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ and ‘Scary Movie 5′ where her scenes were deleted for being too steamy. She starred in MTV’s hit series ‘The Hills’. Recently she became the new host for NBC’s ‘1st Look’, a late night travel show and is currently filming new episodes.

Apropos of this website’s interest in heart disease and defects, Ms. Patridge once joined 20 other celebs who walked the runway in red dresses by America’s top designers to inspire women to take action to protect their heart health. The Heart Truth® is a national awareness campaign for women about heart disease sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services).

Here’s a recent interview Audrina Patridge did with  She shares her feelings on cyberbullying and gives a few tips on how people should deal with online abuse.




Bullying screams, “I’m insecure and deep down I’m sad” 

Have you ever suffered cyberbullying or digital abuse on social media? If so, how did you deal with it?

Everyday! There’s always something, whether it be picking me apart, judging me, critiquing me, etc. You name it, and I’ve been through it all. It’s emotionally draining if you let it get to you. I used to not read any comments, but now if I see anything rude the person is blocked and their comment is deleted. I don’t give the bullies my time or attention. The sad thing is, it says a lot about someone who puts others down and is a bully. It screams, “I’m insecure and deep down I’m sad” and at the end of the day you can’t take it personally.

What do you think can be done to reduce the growth of cyberbullying and digital abuse?

I think having cyber police or monitoring would be the most effective way of reducing cyberbullying.

What advice would you give to someone being bullied online?

I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t play into it or let it affect you. I usually delete and block the person. Anyone can be heartless, rude and judgmental, but it takes a lot more to be nice and do the right thing, especially when someone is attacking you.

Do you think social media is a blessing or a curse?  

It’s definitely bitter sweet….

What is your favorite positive quote?
Your thoughts control your feelings and actions. How you define life determines your destiny.”

Thanks Audrina for your support! Be sure to follow Ms.Patridge on Twitter. Keep up to date with Stop Cyberbullying Day and our latest news @CybersmileHQ!”

Cyberbullying is no joke. No easy yoke to bear.

According to UberFactsVerified,  if cyber-bullying is based on the victim’s’ race/ethnicity or sexual orientation, young people are almost 8 times more likely to attempt suicide.

What can we do to stop cyberbulling? When we show that we care, that’s when we start saving lives.

@UberFacts stop #bullying stop #suicide.


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