Twitter on wrong side of cyberbullying issue?

A hot tech company, Salesforce,* just decided not to bid for Twitter. . . perhaps because of cyberbullying. According to yesterday's Wall Street Journal,  Twitter Inc. was left at the altar on Friday after Inc. walked away from pursuing a marriage. This all but extinguishes hopes for a near-term sale of Twitter as it struggles to accelerate revenue growth.A reversal by Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff, who previously had signaled interest in a merger, calling Twitter an … [Read more...]

Friends, ex boy/girl-friends resort to cyberbullying.

Study: Friends, exes turn to cyberbullying According to the recent following article by Ben Schmitt, friends and exes turn to cyberbullying more often that strangers:'Teen cyberbullying usually involves friends and dating partners rather than strangers, according to a new study co-authored by a Penn State professor.Girls were twice as likely as boys to fall victim to online bullying, the study stated.“A common concern regarding cyberbullying is that strangers can attack someone, but here we see … [Read more...]

Cleft lip & palate + cyberbullying songs: American Idol tie-in

 American Idol this year has connections to two issues dear to my heart: the craniofacial disorders known as cleft lip and palate kids and the cyberbullying they often experience. The connections include a young singer from greater New Orelans, Cameron Richard, and the father of the A.I. winner of last year's runaway hit show Nick Fradiani.Cleft lip and palate.  'A Raceland teen who won over the hearts of many across the country on "American Idol" is bringing attention to Cleft Palate … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying: a level playing field for the disabled.

This transcript of an Academic Minute* (way shorter than a TED Talk) describes a power shift in the dynamic involving children with disabilities. Traditionally, kids with physical—and not so obvious intellectual or emotional—disabilities were bullied more often than average children. In fact, half of all kids with observable differences were picked on—way more than the one-in-five norm for everyday kids.The disabled and the risk of cyberbullying.However,  Robin Kowalski from Clemson University … [Read more...]

Easy trick teaches the impact of cyberbullying.

 A  schooteacher in Britain used an incredibly effective trick to teach kids the powerful effects of cyberbullying.She posted an image of two apples cut in half on her Facebook page. The image communicated a powerful lesson. In front of a classroom, she insulted and continuously dropped one apple on the ground to symbolize the effects of bullying.On the outside it looked just like the apple that was not "bullied," but when split in two, "the apple we'd said unkind words to was bruised and all … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying and R&B star Kehlani’s suicide attempt.

 Kehlani, an and R&B superstar from my old stomping ground, Oakland, CA, tried to kill herself this week due to cyberbullying. She'd been "slut shammed," a particularly vicious type of cyberbullyin. She felt –at least for a moment in time–that suicide was the only way to end her pain.Kehlani, a cyberbullying victim.Kotinsky/GettyCyberbullying. A report about a recent study of 350 hospitalized teens claims that 50% of teens teens admitted to the Emergency Room had been cyberbullied in … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying in Oakland concerns Warriors.

Cyberbullying bothers the Golden State Warriors enough to get them to partner with various organizations serving Oakland, CA schools.Home court winners close to NBA record.The amazing pro basketball team is on the brink of setting yet another NBA record. Yesterday they tied the Chicago Bulls' record for the longest home winning streak at 44 straight games. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson generally lead the charge. But what's amazing is that the Warriors function as a true team. The Warriors' Shaun … [Read more...]