Authors of THE BULLYING ANTIDOTE recognize local heroes.

Please join a writer friend of mine at an award ceremony recognizing East Bay, California heroes in bullying prevention.
Kristen Caven and her psychologist mom, Louise Hart, wrote The Bullying Antidote. More about this book later in the post.
To celebrate the completion of a 2-year book giveaway project, Caven and Hart will be honoring community leaders who are creating positive change.

Zorgos Awards.

The Zorgos Awards Banquet honors those who have the superpower of Zorgos.** They calm heated arguments. They raise people up. When they are around, people rise up to their highest self!
Kristen Caven,co-author of The Bullying Antidote.

          Kristen Caven,co-author of The       Bullying Antidote.


October is National Anti-Bullying Month.

 Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has proclaimed October 15th “Zorgos Day” in Oakland.
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf sitting next to a student at a computer.


Mayor Libby Schaaf meets with student.

The program for Sunday, October 15, 2017:
5-8:00pm at The Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt in Oakland
5-6pm networking & cocktails
6 pm dinner seating & buffet
6:30-7:30pm The Zorgos Awards and a mayoral proclamation by Libby Schaaf. 
Tickets are available through Eventbrite and there’s free parking and a cash bar.
Can’t come? Then celebrate Zorgos Day everyday.

Kristen Caven.

My friend Ms. Caven has written four other books besides The Bullying Antidote which she wrote with her psychologist mom (who has also written other books). Quite a daughter-mother duo.  


“The Bullying Antidote.”


Available here,The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life paperback was first published in July 2013 by Hazelden.
Unlike other books on bullying, The Bullying Antidote identifies bullying as a deeply-rooted cultural power dynamic that is fostered by common and wide-spread parenting methods.
This critical, life-saving book gives parents a course of action to prevent their children from being bullied, and from becoming bullies.
The antidote is to equip moms and dads with the tools to raise respectful, responsible, and resilient kids through positive parenting.

The book includes detailed explanations for:

  • teaching kids how to communicate effectively and assertively
  • devising an action plan with your child in the event they are bullied
  • holding others accountable without punishing
  • preventing bullying by creating a respectful, compassionate, and peaceful family culture where violence is not tolerated.

This book is a guide for positive parenting principles which have been proven by neurological, psychological, and sociological research to be the best practices for raising mentally and emotionally healthy children. 

**What the heck is Zorgos?
Zorgos is the superpower that prevents bullying. It is inspired by the esperanto word for “I will take care.”
Learn more at
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