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Jesus with a cleft lip in Mary-Magdalene biopic?

Joaquin Phoenix Will Likely Play Jesus with a cleft lip.Hollywood is abuzz with the news that Joaquin Phoenix will likely play Jesus, with a cleft lip,  in a new movie about Mary Magdalene—an important woman in Jesus' life. It will reportedly be "an authentic and humanistic portrait of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history.” Jesus with a cleft lip will be a first.Other actors to have famously taken on the role of Jesus in past films include Willem Dafoe (The … [Read more...]

Face transplants, reconstructive surgery, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Caught some snippets from "Mission Impossible-III" on TV the other day and was impressed not by all of Tom Cruise's over-the-top stunts, but by two rubberized face mask stunts. Face transplant of Philip Seymour Hoffman's face?  At one point Cruise pulls on a face-and-neck hood which is a stunning facimile of Philip Seymour Hoffman who brilliantly plays the villain, Davian, in the movie. In the scene, Cruise as Hoffman approaches Hoffman from behind and you see both of them in the mirror at the … [Read more...]

Celebs with cleft lip & other birth defects—II.

Here are six celebs born with less impactful birth defects than those noted in my prior blog (which included Joaquin Phoenix).  Again, thanks to and for doing the legwork. FOREST WHITAKER, LAZY EYE When asked about his famous lazy left eye, Forest admits that he inherited the condition from his father. He has considered having it fixed but only because it affects his vision. Some birth defects are mild, even intriguing. Here's another eye "deformity," … [Read more...]

Date a harelip? Cont’d.

Harelip, cleft lip? What's in a word? Using the word harelip in these times is a bit like using the N-word or other slang words for minorities. It's offensive to cleft-affected people and an indication of ignorance about the birth defect commonly known as a "cleft lip."  Actually, doctors and scientists often use the medical term, cheiloschisis. See other technical terms for clefts and their repair. I'll continue now with more responses to an Asker's question on Ask Yahoo, "Would you … [Read more...]

Date a person with a Harelip?

Before dealing with a topic I encountered throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, a few words about Jack Dupree and the lyrics to the song he sang in the You Tube video posted in my last blog. Singing the "Harelip Blues." So here's what I found out about the song, but not becasue of Snopes (see prior blog). I dug a bit and found--according to a Wiki article--that Jack Dupree sometimes used the equivalent of poetic license for singers—an artistic conceit—by singing as if he had a cleft … [Read more...]

Do Clefts meet the Definition of Special Needs Children?

People ask me all the time whether cleft lip and/or palate kids can be considered "Children with Special Needs?" I generally answer "Yes," but, of course, it depends on the severity of the birth defect and the surgical outcomes. As the diagram suggests, there are degrees of severity. Joaquin Phoenix claims his barely visible cleft is no big deal. Then again, there are cleft persons whose speech never gets past the "nasal" stage. By the way, Wiki agrees that clefts constitute "Special … [Read more...]