Announcing the Launch of an art gallery.

World premiere.

It’s opening night (or day, depending on your time zone ) for a new art gallery.

Kinda exciting.  After hoping to do something like this for years, the stars aligned and a gallery for paintings and prints materialized.

Click here for the gallery. I trust the crowds at the opening aren’t overwhelming. Probably won’t be because there aren’t free cheese, crackers, and wine. Back in the day, I used to almost subsist on gallery openings and their food in New York City.

If paintings or prints are your thing. 

Check back every now and then since I’ll be adding new artwork from time to time.  I’ll be posting images of the life-sized (and frequently larger) paintings I’ve done. I’ll sometimes post serigraphs, too. Serigraphs or silkscreens tend to be 2′ by 3′.

I come at art from a pop art—Andy Warhol POV since I was formally trained in art in the ’60s and ’70s.

You may recognize the Heroes, Villains, and Fools paintings below as those included in the slideshow on the left margins of this website. These are 6′ by 2′ paintings which can be attached to rollers in a real gallery so that you—as an exhibit goer—can move your heroes to one side of the exhibit space and villains to another.

What makes it interesting, though, is that another exhibit goer will disagree with you and move one of your heroes to the villains’ side. Please go here to see a fascinating explanation of  this.  

Attractive woman in blue top smiling in front of  mountains in the distance. Painting by Karl Schonborn of his sister-in-law.









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