Crim Justice takes a hit with regard to older celebs.

What happens when crim justice, lookism, and celebrity meet face to face? Lady Justice peaks from under her blindfold and renders “modified” justice. Some would call it “in” justice.

Crim justice takes a hit.

We’ve explored attractiveness and sentencing in recent posts.  Recently we looked at younger troubled stars. Here are a couple of examples of older troubled stars. That is, attractive people who’ve used their celebrity and wealth to game the justice system.

The crim justice system pretty much lets them slide.

In February 1961, 20-year-old Nick Nolte was arrested for selling fake draft cards. Forty years later, in September, 2002 a  disheveled Nolte was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs after an officer observed Nolte swerving his 1992 Mercedes-Benz into opposing traffic near his Malibu home.


Lookism & crim justice: Nick Nolte
Lookism & crim justice: Nick Nolte

Here’s the low down on Nick Nolte and Tim Allen, according to TheTalko:

Crim Justice?

“Nolte made headlines in 2002 after he was arrested in Malibu on DUI charges for which he was sentenced three years’ probation and an order to go to drug and alcohol meetings. However, this wasn’t the only legal charge Nolte had ever faced. When he was twenty four years old, he was arrested for selling counterfeit documents. The result? A $75,000 dollar fee and a 45- year suspended jail sentence. Of course, he never served the jail sentence, but the offense alone prevented him from serving in the army and had various psychological effects on him including anxiety and self-doubt.”

Crim justice & Tim Allen

Crim justice & Tim Allen

“As startling as it may seem, Tim Allen is not as innocent as his TV personality was on Home Improvement. In fact, Tim Allen was arrested for drug trafficking in 1978. Allen was charged with possessing over 650 grams of cocaine. After giving the police information on other dealers, Allen only served two and a half years of his sentence of three to seven years. After he was released, he stayed out of trouble until 1981 when he was arrested for drinking and driving. For this, he had to take a course of alcohol rehab and was sentenced to a year’s probation.”

Booking photo of Tim Allen. Crim justice.

Crim justice? Tim Allen.

For more celebrity mugshots go here. Some celebs, like Bill Cosby, are still awaiting justice.

What’s your take on all this?
Got a fave celeb who was in trouble with the law?


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