Blind justice takes a hit with regard to lookism and younger celebs.

What happens when blind justice, lookism, and celebrity intersect?  Something’s got to give, at least in our modern culture that worships attractiveness and celebrity. Lady Justice peaks from under her blindfold

and renders “modified” justice. Some would call it “in”justice.


Blind justice takes a hit.

We’ve explored attractiveness and sentencing in recent posts. Here are a couple of examples of  younger troubled stars. That is, attractive people who’ve used their celebrity and wealth to game the justice system.

Lady Justice has peaked from under her blindfold and let them pretty much slide.

Blind justice? Lindsay Lohan

Blind justice? Lindsay Lohan

Here’s the low down on Li Lo and another, according to TheTalko:

“Li Lo We can’t have a list of troubled celebs without including the one and only, Lindsay Lohan. Once a hot mess, the former child star is seemingly getting her life in order nowadays. Still, it’s always fun to walk down memory lane. In 2007, Lohan was arrested and charged with cocaine possession. A couple DUI’s and a few short months later, Lohan made headlines once again when she was arrested for possession of cocaine, transporting narcotics, and driving under the influence. For these major crimes, Lohan was only sentenced to one measly day in jail, ten days of community service, three years probation, and ordered to complete an eighteen month alcohol education program.


R&B artist R. Kelly has had numerous run-ins with the law. In 1994, Kelly was accused of marrying singer Aliyah in a secret ceremony when Aliyah was only fifteen years old. In 1997, he was placed on probation after an assault and battery charge that occurred at a health club in Louisiana. Also that year, Kelly was sued by Tiffany Hawkins who claimed Kelly had sexual relations with her when she was only fifteen and he was twenty four. In 2002, Kelly was accused of being with an underage girl after a video surfaced of the two of them. This was the start of a long string of events in which police discovered evidence that showed R. Kelly had sexual relationships with at least fourteen different minors. In 2008, a jury found R. Kelly not guilty.

Blind Justice & R. Kelly

Blind Justice & R. Kelly  

For more about the complexities of R.Kelly’s legal troubles, visit here


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  1. I believe that human beings are all the same and nobody should suffer injustice. Hopefully, this will change in the near future. Thank you!

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