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Lookism equal time: what makes a woman attractive?

In last week's lookism blog post, I passed on  six scientifically proven tips on how men can be more physically attractive to women. In the interest of fair play, now we have six for women – all based on scientific studies presented by a respected source. Lookism originally started as men ogling women.Because of the importance of marriage to women historically, many young women have tried to figure outover the ages what makes them attractive to men. Science has recently generated many studies … [Read more...]

Lookism: what do women like in men?

The languid days of summer are upon us in America. That means there's more chance that we men will be socializing with women. Heck, some of us will even be stripping down to bathing suits on beaches.Lookism seems a natural tendency in males.Many young men try to figure out what makes them more attractive to women. A variety of studies have looked at the parts of the body women zero in on as "attractive." Five features are singled out in this videoAs the so-called science of attraction marches … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying: a level playing field for the disabled.

This transcript of an Academic Minute* (way shorter than a TED Talk) describes a power shift in the dynamic involving children with disabilities. Traditionally, kids with physical—and not so obvious intellectual or emotional—disabilities were bullied more often than average children. In fact, half of all kids with observable differences were picked on—way more than the one-in-five norm for everyday kids.The disabled and the risk of cyberbullying.However,  Robin Kowalski from Clemson University … [Read more...]

Why discipline, not punishment, may stop cyberbulling. . . and police over-reaction.

Cyberbullying: Australia's findings/recommendations.After one of the most convulsive weeks in recent American history, it's worth listening to experts who've evaluated the West's approach to cyberbullying and found it wanting.To look at findings and recommendations re bullying from Australia and, most importantly, to think about their applicability to bullying  by racist, homicidal cops, is wise. It's wise because America lacks ideas and effective solutions re lethal police brutality at this … [Read more...]

Less science behind lookism’s symmetry & ratios?

There may be less science to justify lookism than suggested by many studies  in the past.  Here's the truth about common beauty myths according to the Wall Street Journal.Apparently science produces lots of research about beauty, from ideal waist-to-hip ratio to symmetry in faces, but the conclusions are seldom as simple as they seemThe author of the just-published  Face Value: The Hidden Ways Beauty Shapes Women’s Lives,” Autumn Whitefield-Madrano  wrote this piece for the WSJ in mid-June:"If … [Read more...]