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Cleft lip doesn’t stop nation’s #1 rusher.

Imagine if you had a cleft lip and palate and your hi school football coach said this about you:“There is really nothing on the football field that Zamir can’t do. Zamir is an every down [running] back. He has the ability to run between the tackles. He’s physical, strong and can run through tackles but he also has the speed to run on the edge and take it the distance. He ran a 10.5 100-meters this spring. The other thing Zamir does well is catching the ball. He has very good hands from doing all … [Read more...]

“Lookism” and dishonesty about ugliness.

In my last blog, I wrote about the kids edition of "Ugly." Today, I'm writing about the adult version that brings up a complicated lookism issue: can we be butt-ugly honest about the role of looks in society?Ugly & Lookism.First, let's hear from the "subject" of this inquiry, Robert Hoge.To hear Hoge tell it, he was born with a giant tumor on his forehead, severely distorted facial features, and legs that were twisted and almost useless. His mother refused to look at him when he was born, … [Read more...]

Lookism couldn’t defeat the author of “Ugly.”

Googled for books with "ugly" in their title the other day. Here's what I found.  Go here for blurbs about some of the "ugly" books.  (Who said you can't judge a book by its cover?)Besides the Ugly Face Booth  and Confessions of an Ugly Girl, a book simply called Ugly caught my eye.The author, an Australian, had a large tumor on his face at birth and deformed legs. At first, his own mother abandoned him in the hospital, wishing he would die. The book is about Robert Hoge's life growing up … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day pics prove cleft lip isn’t always genetic.

No cleft lip or palate in son.Couldn't resist indulging in a little family boosterism this Mother's Day. The first pic shows two favorites of mine doing the Mother-Son Dance at John's recent wedding in Massachusetts. No cleft lip in daughter either.My clefts were  caused mostly by environmental factors (likely a vitamin B deficiency, but no one knows). A slight genetic predisposition might have rounded out the nurture-nature combo that's usually in play with clefts.  … [Read more...]

Does this icon look bullied?

Am pleased to announce that two more of my paintings have been added to the Gallery on Please click on the Paintings tab to see Beaver Cleaver and Shirley Temple.Cyberbullying.Glad that cyberbullying wasn't around back then! … [Read more...]