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A cleft lip, a prophet & perfection: an Easter story.

   Here's an excerpt from a  Harvard Magazine piece that covers many of my favorite blog topics: cleft lip, cleft palate, restorative medicine,  patient care, and the role of doctors. Are they just healers or are they prophets? Are they sometimes heroes, villains, or fools? In the story told below, there's a transformation, almost a miraculous one.Transformation.To set the stage: the piece below is also about writing and storytelling—activities I've had to master, esp for the most … [Read more...]

Cleft lip repair breakthrough—Dr.Millard.

 In an era when individuals and even families (the Kardashian entourage)) overuse cosmetic surgery—and in many cases with questionable, even disastrous results—it's important to remember the amazing things that reconstructive surgery (like cleft lip repair) can do. Both types of procedures are considered "plastic surgery."Plastic surgery to excess (check out the Kardashian crew): Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong:  Cleft lip repair innovator.While I've blogged about face transplants and other … [Read more...]

Cleft palate Manning retires, but ’95 scandal refuses to.

This website— that serves as the home for blogs like this one—has a "Heroes, Villains, and Fools" theme. Part of the message of the site (and especially some of the pieces on the Paintings tab) is that total, unblemished heroes are a rarity.This week's news that Peyton Manning is ending his oft-heroic career in football reminds of this. The timing of his exit is curious since sportswriters have begun to re-examine a scandal that most had thought was put to rest long ago.Humans being human, … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying in Oakland concerns Warriors.

Cyberbullying bothers the Golden State Warriors enough to get them to partner with various organizations serving Oakland, CA schools.Home court winners close to NBA record.The amazing pro basketball team is on the brink of setting yet another NBA record. Yesterday they tied the Chicago Bulls' record for the longest home winning streak at 44 straight games. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson generally lead the charge. But what's amazing is that the Warriors function as a true team. The Warriors' Shaun … [Read more...]