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Lookism’s ugly side & how we can counter it.

 As some who has taught sociology, a piece by sociologist Heather Laine Talley caught my eye the other day. I especially noticed her comment that lookism, like sexism and other -isms, is often unconscious and taken for granted. So true.  Our society may've gone overboard around unconscious, so-called "white privilege" in discussions about the big -ism of our day, racism. But it is worth examining the little-mentioned issues of lookism and ableism, especially as they relate to people with … [Read more...]

Cleft lip girl not adopted time after time. Then, surprise!

Think you had it rough when you were passed over when kids chose players for sports? Imagine watching while other kids around you got chosen for adoption. An improbable, happy ending for cleft lip girl.Of course, if you live in an orphanage in Shenzhen, China just north of Hong Kong and  you have a cleft lip and palate– you're used to difficulties. Among Sophie's challenges, difficulties in eating, drinking and especially talking. Still, fate finally smiled on the little girl when–miracle of … [Read more...]

Lookism’s #1 pageant to help cleft lip kids.

"Lookism" can surprise you. The current Miss Universe—and fellow "lookers" models Christie Brinkley and Kristen Taekman— are "ambassadors" for the cleft charity Smile Train. (Singer Jessica Simpson and models Vanessa Lachey and Molly Sims likewise beat the drum for Operation Smile).My favorite "looker" supporting clefts is Roma Downey, an Irish actress known for her nine seasons as Monica, the tender-hearted angel on the TV show Touched by an Angel.  Ms. Downey is more than just a looker, she's … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning’s cleft palate: illustrated history.

Emily Pennington has told the inspiring story of Peyton Manning's struggle with his cleft palate.  What's wonderful about her story is that she's created an illustrated presentation of it on Prezi. What follows is a transcript of her presentation that is designed for people who know very little about the stellar quarterback or the cleft palate birth defect. The presentation is here, and so share it online, project it to foster discussion in a school room or at a religious gathering, etc., etc. … [Read more...]