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QB Manning’s cleft palate: wonders on & off the field.

 Cleft palate as an impetus to greatness.Struggles due to a cleft palate may be the key to understanding QB Peyton Manning's wonders off the football field . . . and maybe even on the field. Manning faces a titanic battle next Sunday against QB Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers in the 50th Super Bowl in San Francisco. Manning's amazing football accomplishments might stem from a drive to compensate for his birth defect and the consequent bullying he experienced when young.Football Facts … [Read more...]

Cleft lip Manning ends Brady’s Superbowl Dream.

In a much-hyped matchup between quarterbacks–cleft lip Peyton Manning and handsome Tom Brady, it was Manning––the player that most had counted out––that shined the brightest.Due to Manning's diminished arm strength and a litany of struggles all season long that stemmed from a partially torn plantar fascia, he came into this matchup as a home underdog. All pundits could say leading up to the game was that cleft lip afflicted Manning and the  Broncos would need to play a nearly perfect game to … [Read more...]

After cleft lip and palate surgeries, what happens?

Have you read about the cleft lip kid in Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal yet?If not, order the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble now.Artful rendition of book cover.The inspiring story of a young man with a cleft lip and palate.You can read more about the book at the Facebook Fan Page for it.Also, see photos of the characters in Cleft Heart here. You can learn more about these real people in the book . . . and in the sequel that's in the outline stage currently.Please consider giving a copy of … [Read more...]

Lookism: Eateries hide ugly diners in the back.

  The owner of Greens––a well-regarded neighborhood restaurant serving inventive, globally inspired meat-free cuisine––comments on how seating works in some eateries. I've been to his restaurant in the Didsbury section of Manchester, England. I guess the host who seated the couple who took me found us "passable" 'cuz he seated us in the middle of the Greens' dining space. Lookism at work? Read on.       Greens vegetarian Restaurant     Laura Armstrong's article in The Sun … [Read more...]

Cleft lip hero QB Peyton Manning faces accusations.

Talk about hitting a player after he's down. An "allegation" about cleft lip Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning using prohibited Human Growth Hormone (HGH) surfaced while Manning was sidelined by a foot injury (partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot). The idea that Peyton Manning is now the backup QB for the Broncos jars all of us who consider him a hero as a five-time NFL league MVP. If you are a die-hard Manning fan, this one-two punch hurts. As readers know, I've celebrated Manning in … [Read more...]