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Cleft lip and palate for Dummies.

 Am pleased to announce I've added an important new resource to my website. It's Wikipedia's latest info about clefts which is useful for Dummies—people who know next to nothing about clefts. But, wait, there's enough info that cleft-afflicted people like me, and even experts on the subject, can learn a lot. Plus, there are wonderful diagrams, a list of famous people through history with clefts, and a segment regarding animals with clefts. So, read on. And if you ever need to find info in the … [Read more...]

Facial Discrimination* and ‘Weight Bias’ gone wild.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump won a place in the crowded facial discrimination Hall of Shame last week. In a recent Rolling Stone article, he criticized fellow candidate Carly Fiorina's looks as he argued why she could never be president. "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?" Trump told the magazine. "Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!"Facial discrimination.Fiorina fought her way onto the prime time stage of the 2nd debate with a stellar performance in … [Read more...]

Announcing the Launch of an art gallery.

World premiere.It's opening night (or day, depending on your time zone ) for a new art gallery.Kinda exciting.  After hoping to do something like this for years, the stars aligned and a gallery for paintings and prints materialized.Click here for the gallery. I trust the crowds at the opening aren't overwhelming. Probably won't be because there aren't free cheese, crackers, and wine. Back in the day, I used to almost subsist on gallery openings and their food in New York City.If paintings or … [Read more...]

King Tut cont’d. Plus, was (step) mom Nefertiti photoshopped?

A little backstory before we address the question raised in the last blog (why King Tut was born with a cleft and a clubfoot?) and the question of photoshopping Nefertiti, playing fast and loose with her looks. I Luxored out and got to see Tut's Treasures.I liked King Tut before I learned he shared a cleft and other birth defects with me. I guess it was all that gold leaf associated with his funeral mask, and buried art treasures found in his tomb. Can't remember why I missed Tut's first visit … [Read more...]