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Hear no, Speak no, See no? Important month and week for cleft lip kids and others.

May is Better Hearing and Speech month in America. At one end of the age spectrum, this is important for cleft lip/palate kids for whom their early surgeries are just the beginning of their struggle to look and sound 'normal.'Seniors as well as Cleft lip kids.At the other end of the age spectrum, many Boomers and Seniors are facing increasing hearing deficits from natural aging, speech issues from strokes and TIAs, etc. Speech Language Professionals are being minted in huge numbers these days to … [Read more...]

Can “tents” make cleft lip kids symmetrical?

Photos below not for the faint at heart. Proceed with caution.What do the "tent" images below have to do with fixing nasal defects caused by most cleft lip/palate deformities? Well, the answer is several paragraphs further on.But first, let's give credit to Intech,* a provider of free medical knowledge and research. Their goal is to give researchers  around the world equal opportunity to share ideas, develop their career. Intech* brought the following article to my attention, which I'm … [Read more...]

Cleft lip kids pay a big price in Vietnam.

I've benefitted from the Vietnam War. Because western doctors operated on innumerable cleft lip and palate kids during and after the war, they learned how to deal with the cartilage of the cleft nose. (More about this in my next blog.)   In my 40s, I had my final cleft surgeries . . . on my "smushed down"  nostril it turns out, in a bid to become a bit more facially symmetrical. The first surgery: Fail, big time. Even with a temporary stent in the nostril to keep the cartilage from reverting … [Read more...]

Yale to showcase Cleft Heart

I'm excited to announce that Yale University will exhibit Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal in Sterling Memorial Library. The book will be featured in the Memorabilia Room of the library starting May 28, 2015. The exhibit will run through the summer into September. Sterling Memorial Library and Cleft Heart. The library is a fitting location for an exhibition since five chapters of the book deal with my life in Trumbull College, the residence hall that abuts Sterling.  The exhibit represents a … [Read more...]

Things are looking up for site & Cleft Heart.

Can't complain about millions of site visitors. Just yesterday, my dog*  and I were thrilled to learn some stats about this website ( As of May 1, 2015, over 125,000 readers have visited the website and blog (126,000 to be exact) since it's inception in February of 2013. They're responsible for over 2 million page views. In fact, exactly 2,195, 700 pages or blogs have been viewed—hopefully read. Cleft Heart. This is great news, and I'm cheered by the interest generated by … [Read more...]