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Symmetry & the world’s 2 most beautiful faces.

  Let's look at the results of a study scientists recently conducted re the most beautiful faces in the world.   If you want to see how you measure up, check out the guidelines below. Note that symmetry is very important.. "Symmetry" & the faces of the most beautiful man and woman in the world. The ideal female face FemaleNear perfect facial symmetryAlmond-shaped, brown eyes: 0.48* distance apart from eye centres, each is 0.23 widthArched, shaped eyebrows: 0.125 distance above … [Read more...]

Apps that let you enhance your selfies———lookism gone wild?

Have lookism apps gone too far, even in a selfie world?  As if selfies aren't enough of an indulgence, we now have apps that let narcissists enhance their selfies from head to toe. An "instaglam" app, called Bright eyes: clean up your image with Perfect365 ModiFace, is a powerhouse in the virtual makeover world.  The app developers* are responsible for an app which lets people try on make up and another which allows one to "virtually"  whiten ones teeth (Virtual Dentist).  The Perfect365  … [Read more...]

“Mask class” and the importance of faces.

  Every now and then, it's good to remind ourselves how important the human face is. It's why I devote so many blog posts to the subject of faces— be they  good,  bad, or ugly. Halloween masks. Most kids enjoy wearing masks, tho many will strip them off the minute they get hot and sweaty or become a nuisance. People  with congenital facial deformities like my cleft lip and palate leave the masks on despite the hardship because they are reborn as normal. Elsewhere I've written about the joy I … [Read more...]

What is cyberbullying? What to do about it.

Some people scratched their heads when Monica Lewinsky, of blue dress Clinton-DNA fame, came out swinging against cyberbullying recently. Among other things, they wondered what the heck is "cyberbullying?" According to the Cyberbullying Research Center says it's "willful and repeated harm" inflicted through phones and computers. In short, it's that cafeteria name calling and bullying in a new guise, ranging from barrages of teasing phone texts to group sites online dedicated to sexually … [Read more...]