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Monica Lewinsky fights cyberbullying. Hero, villain or fool?

Monica Lewinsky made news again a week ago. Yes, that White House intern whose famous blue dress caused President Bill Clinton—and perhaps a future president, Hillary Clinton—so much distress. Lewinsky has reinvented herself of late as the poster child for cyberbullying victims. Utilizing the AIDs and ebola epidemic term for the first victim, she claims she was the "ground zero patient" of cyberbullying. Taking a stand against cyberbullying. These words—from Alexandra  Schwartz' New Yorker … [Read more...]

Shocking before/after celeb photos. Lookism or what?

Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Kourtney Kardasian, Kate Moss, Rachel McAdams, Kim Catrall.   Celebrity Photos Before and After Photoshop. What do you make of the photoshopping in these pictures, offered online recently? Shocking? Ho hum? Just more evidence that sexist males control the media? And what affects you most? The blatant sexism? The agism on display where photo editors removed crows' feet, smile lines, and other signs of age and/or personality? … [Read more...]

Surgery for other orofacial issues like oral cancer.

  Some of the oral surgeons, head-and-neck experts,  and plastic craniofacial surgeons I often write about also deal with accident victims and cancer patients. Let's look now at one of the conditions these patients endure, oral cancer. (I'll deal with patients with skin cancer and gunshot or auto crash trauma another time.) Before getting to the surgical issues regarding oral cancer, let's examine the basics of this cancer that strikes about 43,000 new Americans each year, according to The Oral … [Read more...]

Lest you think lookism is a girl thing. . .

Soccer Gods must be handsome. Sportswriter Tom Dart  has just shown us that lookism can despoil the male world as well as the female world. He used to cover World Cups for The Times of London, where he was a soccer writer for over a decade. However, since moving to Texas he has covered U.S. sports for outlets including The Guardian and Here's his Mar 2, 2015 story in its entirety. It's from his soccer gods blog:  Real Madrid accused of looks-ism by Barcelona … [Read more...]

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together—— cleft lip repair.

Not much has changed surgery-wise for clefts since the mid 20th Century when I had my initial cleft lip and palate repairs. At least this is the case with regard to most closures of clefts. Cutting edge (no pun intended) treatments experiment with wires, retainers, and orthodontia-type contrivances to non-surgically pull the cleft palate together. Cleft lip and palate are caused by abnormal facial development that occurs while the child is still in the womb.  The upper lip and roof of the … [Read more...]