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Can lookism infect a “veiled” society?

Journalist Farahnaz Zahidi , a sub-editor at The Express Tribune in Karachi, has asserted that  lookism is an issue in Pakistan. I suggested  in my last blog that —contrary to some assertions—few people in Pakistan would be familiar enough with female faces for lookism to be a problem in that country. (Unfairly, lookism swirls primarily around female faces, tho male faces—and bodies of both genders—come into play sometimes.) To make my case, I stated that there were plenty of Muslims in … [Read more...]

Fairest of ’em all? Is lookism also a problem in Islam?

Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. Islam is the official religion of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.This means many women cover their faces partly or fully in public.  Lookism in Pakistan? In light of these figures,  a lot of women probably wear veils in Pakistan. Thus, it's amazing that lookism is a problem in this Islamic country,  just as it is in the West. While I've not delved into all the whys and wherefores of "veiling" women's faces, I do … [Read more...]

Lookism: Plus-Sized, bi-racial women photoshopped ’round the world.

Make me beautiful. Last year in June,  a freelance journalist  asked artists from 19 countries around the world to photoshop her face with instructions to make me “beautiful.”  The hope was that in altering her face, the artists and/or designers involved in the project would (subconsciously?) access their personal and cultural constructs of beauty.  The results of the "Before-After" effort went viral, and the journalist was written up in Time and the Chicago Tribue and appeared on CNN and … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution: give back like this cleft lip girl.

A heartwarming CBS news  story caught my attention the other day.* It's about a young cleft lip girl (adopted from a Chinese orphanage) who donates stuffed animals to fire and police departments. The idea is for officers to give them to the kids they encounter who're caught up in the stressful situation they're responding to. So, please add one more New Year's resolution to your list, or replace one that you've already broken. The resolution is simply to give back in 2015, mindful of the … [Read more...]