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Appearance, shape, race: top reasons for bullying. Solutions?

I flew over Elmira, New York early this summer and was reminded of the  famous Elmira Reformatory which was renown for Warden Zebulon Brockway's rehabilitation ideas, including that of indeterminate sentencing. Brockway became so popular he was elected mayor of Elmira at age 77. The Elmira Correctional Facility is a major institutiion and employer in town. No wonder, then, that schools in Elmira have come up with some great projects to combat bullying. A recent story in the local Star … [Read more...]

Uglies, Pretties—the surgeries, the lookism.

Since so many of you resonated with my review of Wonder , I thought you'd like to know about another juvenile/young adult book series called Uglies and Pretties. In fact, the series has expanded to include books titled Specials (2006) and Extras (2007). The latter deals with the obsession of so many with fame—something I deal with from time to time in this blog.   Young adult lookism.       Set in a future dystopia where things aren't great, but economic challenges have receded, … [Read more...]

O.J. Pistorius? Another psychopath like O.J?

Judge Thokozile Masipa handed down her judgment in a South African high court on Friday. She found Oscar Pistorius guilty of "culpable homicide,'' similar to American "manslaughter." But whether it's the equivalent of American voluntary or involuntary manslaughter may be resolved when she sentences him. Judge Masipa felt prosecutors didn't make a strong enough case for premeditation which would've meant Pistorius was guilty of first degree murder. Bladerunner Pistorius During the sentencing … [Read more...]

Speech pathology and cleft lip.

We've all been there. Embarrassment over mispronunciations, esp when we travel or are a "stranger in a strange land." Someone may endearingly call you "sweaty" when they mean "sweety." Sometimes we're teased or laughed at, like the Nepalese guy who learns to call a wallet a ''purse" and chap-stick "lipstick." He doesn't understand why the uproar in America when he asks, "Where's my purse? Where's my lipstick?" Speech Pathology Week. Well, you can imagine the plight of cleft lip and palate … [Read more...]