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Oscar Pistorius——not mentally disabled, but a psychopath?

No mental disability when fired shots. It's been a month since various media shouted the news that Oscar Pistorius didn't have a mental disability when he killed his girlfriend. So technically, he has only one disability, his amputated legs. However, it's been over a year (Feb 2013) when I speculated that Pistorius might be a psychopath along the lines of fallen and disgraced sports heroes like Lance Armstrong and OJ. Simpson. I'd have to say the "jury is still out" regarding whether … [Read more...]

Bullied Leading Ladies?

  Just finished a guest blog on bullying (at and thought following up  Disney's Disabled Dishes with Disney's Bullied Babes might be appropriate. I apologize for letting humorous phrases trump seriousness here. However, humor is  an occupational hazard for writers and professors, like me, who probe violence for a living. It's like the "gallows humor" which police and health professionals resort to in order to cope. Bullied and abused Cartoon Figures. To raise … [Read more...]

Celeb praises the hero who overcame his cleft lip —II.

Cleft Lip Millionaire. Former UK game show star Carol Vorderman  idolizes her millionaire big brother—not because he is a successful millionaire, but because he overcame the hardship of being born with a cleft lip and palate.          In a story published in June the well-known game show host wrote that her brother had "a disfigurement so bad he was whisked away from my mother the moment he was born.... The midwife, who ran from the room with the baby … [Read more...]

Might Thumper have a cleft lip next time?

Not your father's Cinderella.   Striking images of everybody’s beloved cartoon characters appeared online last January. They came, not surprisingly, from a disabled person. Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo, created them to show that disabled people have rights and are part of the world. Palombo’s angst about disabilities is not abstract like the abstract simplification of cartoon characters. It’s real. You see, he became a disabled person a couple of years ago when  some parts of his body … [Read more...]

International Authors’ Day———memoir writing.

Today's a special day! For that reason, I'm taking the opportunity to go "off topic" as candidates often do when campaigning and not focus on cleft lips, lookism, craniofacial issues, and the like. I'd like to share some thoughts about what I believe to be a most challenging genre for authors—the memoir. I'm indebeted to Debdatta, the book-loving blogger who set up this blog hop in honor of International Authors' Day. Please visit him and other bloggers involved at the sites noted … [Read more...]

Heart to heart about memoir, Cleft Heart.

As part of the International Authors' Day blog hop hosted by  b00kR3vi3ws, I'm going to tackle some of the questions that're asked of me as I do various book events on Cleft Heart book tours. Debdatta, who reviews books at his site,  b00kR3vi3ws, claims he's addicted to books. I hope he never goes into rehab.   1. Why now? What made you decide to write Cleft Heart?  I finally got some time off from being a professor and decided to have another go at aspects of being a cleft afflicted … [Read more...]

Celeb praises the hero who overcame his cleft lip.

The challenge of a double cleft lip. Combine a couple of American game show hosts—pretty Vanna White and brainy Meredith Vieira*—and what do you get? England's Carol Vorderman who until recently hosted England's very popular game show Countdown.** Ms Vorderman, no stranger to making news, recently praised her 'brave' brother who was born with a double cleft lip and palate. According to WalesOnline news,  Vorderman has begun donating her considerable wardrobe of designer dresses … [Read more...]