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A song called “Harelip Blues?”

The harelip (sometimes hare lip) label. When an internet site said it featured lyrics for a song by jazz great Jack Dupree called, "Harelip Blues," I had my doubts. Doubts about whether he, or anyone else as the site claimed,  ever sang such a song.  The reason is that many teens, and certainly most adults, know that "harelip" is perceived as a derogatory term for a cleft lip. It's not that cleft-affected kids and grownups don't like being associated with cute bunnies and rabbits or don't know … [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty’s Mia—born with bilateral cleft lip & palate.

Mia's cleft lip and how her parents coped.   As noted earlier this week, I'm passing on some details now about Small Mia, as opposed to Tiny Mia and Big Mia. Since it's instructive to those new to cleft lips and palates---especially parents of cleft-afflicted babies--I'll highlight how Mia and her parents handled the initial news about her clefts and reacted to her early surgeries. Mia's parents, Jase and Missy Robertson of the hit show Duck Dynasty’s, had to oversee the closure of … [Read more...]

Moma Mia! A couple of cleft lip beauties.

Move over, Big Mia    The whole world thrilled watching the fancy footwork of Mia Hamm as she,Brandi Chastain and others won gold for the American Women's Soccer team in the 1996 Summer Olympics held in the U.S. However, Big Mia (real name Mariel Margaret) may soon have to share the limelight with two other Mia's.   Tiny Mia with a Cleft Lip One of them, a tiny Chihuahua named Mia, was born with a cleft lip and palate. Veterinarians wanted to put Mia down, … [Read more...]

Did cleft lip afflicted kid ever attain normalcy?

Is Karl, the "Cleft Lip Wonder," normal? Don't snicker.  Bay Area journalist Cathy Dausman wrote the following  after interviewing me during a book talk. Spoiler Alert: read Cleft Heart and then return to this article if you don't want your  reading experience compromised. '[Is Karl Schonborn normal? Schonborn - debater, visual artist,  professor, husband, father and author of the newly published memoir, "Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal" - has journeyed far from the scarred school boy with a … [Read more...]

Bullied cleft lip teen and others undergo plastic surgery

  Dr. Thomas Romo's  Little Baby Face Foundation provides free plastic surgery to low-income children with facial deformities. This video shows the foundation at work, highlighting  four recent applicants to the Foundation. Dr. Romo's team considered fixing Conner's cleft lip and large nose, Renata's large nose, Donovan's small chin, and Cheyenne's deformed eyelids. Bullied cleft lip high schooler gets surgery.   | Plastic surgery offered to low socio-economic bullied teens The 'Second … [Read more...]

Lookism runs wild —-celeb cosmetic dentistry

After some serious blogs about caregiving, these before and after celeb photos bring smiles to our faces. What is it about Before and Afters anyway? Still, facial differentness affects celebs as well as you and me. This website has "facial difference" as one of its subthemes, though the phrase is usually used with regard to oralfacial deformities. I've excerpted a few "examples" from a recent article written in a jaunty, but somewhat passive-aggressive style.  If you need a stronger fix, … [Read more...]

Caregiving a cleft and an Alzheimers patient — II.

ALS, Cleft, and Alzheimers caregiving. Of late, I've begun to think of some of the issues of caregiving because my sister-in-law was recently diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. This  disorder causes muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body due to the degeneration of motor neurons. Her partner has already begun to perform the classic tasks whereby a caregiver: Takes care of household chores, meals, or bills for someone who cannot do these things alone Manages medications … [Read more...]