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Cleft lip caretaker and extraordinary woman.

Tomorrow, March 31, will be the anniversary of Laura Schonborn's death. To honor her, I'm posting a few remarks and two paintings I did of her. A heroine of mine. A heroine is a woman who is admired for, among other things, her fine qualities. Laura's qualities included being a selfless caregiver. During most of my early life, Laura put my needs--and those of her other two children--before hers time after time. Caretaker extraordinaire. At her memorial service Reverend Danford Lion … [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty’s cleft lip saga…on A&E Sunday

Stand by Mia The Robertson family puts together a family reunion to give Mia, an 8-ish granddaughter,  a big send-off before one of her cleft palate surgeries. The episode is titled "Stand by Mia," and it shows how a family can rally around and support a child with a facial difference. Even if you don't run with a Duck Dynasty crowd and take issue with Phil's comments about gays, this episode is worth checking out. The show airs on A&E Sunday, March 30 at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 … [Read more...]

Announcing: book trailer for Cleft Heart, first-ever memoir about the cleft experience

Am excited about new Cleft Heart book trailer. Please share this trailer with your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media friends. And let me know what you think of it. Experts say one needs a description of one's book beneath the trailer as well as contact and sales info. This is what's on the You Tube site, just below the trailer: In effect, this book trailer is an anti bullying video. It’s about Cleft Heart, the first-ever memoir about life with a cleft lip and cleft … [Read more...]

Three Other Joaquin Phoenix Secrets Besides His Cleft Lip

What's This About a Cleft Lip? My prior blog explained that Phoenix's upper lip "scar is from what's called a microform cleft. Whether or not he's had surgery is a mystery he's perpetuated. *  While a microform cleft may not be as obvious as a complete cleft lip , there may still be problems with functionality 'cuz of a disruption of the continuity of the orbicularis oris muscle that encircles the mouth. The disruption may cause eating, drinking, and speech issues. BASIC FACTS ABOUT JOAQUIN … [Read more...]

What’s different about Joaquin Phoenix besides his cleft lip?

It's not just his 'facial difference! Denies his Cleft Lip Actually, Phoenix has created controversy about his lip. He says something--but not a "cleft"--just happened when his mother felt pain at one point during her pregnancy. (Fellow actor Stacey Keach "owns" his cleft.) If "something happened to Phoenix' mom, this had to have been around the 6th week when most cleft lips and palates form. Many doctors feel that his famous  scar is from a microform cleft lip, also known as a "forme … [Read more...]

Cleft Lip Beauty looking for help to pay for Pageant Expenses

Cleft lip beauty Katie Barrow needs your help now. She needed help 20 years ago, and apparently received some very good surgical help, judging from the outcome of her four facial operations. Let's set aside quibbling as to whether talented reconstructive surgeons gave her an edge, just as Oscar Pistorius' "blades" may've given him an edge against other runners (lot of good they're doing him now). Katie deserves your financial support because, as a cleft lip and palate afflicted infant, … [Read more...]

Cleft lip and palate beauty headed for pageant. No bullying any longer.

Will she "Win one for the Cleft Lip -per"? While we folks with facial differences often aspire to appear average or normal, it's not everyday that one of us is singled out for being above average, looks-wise. In Katie Barrow's case, she's been selected to be one of the 12 finalists to compete in the Miss Canada Globe beauty pageant in Toronto this summer. This is no Para-Pageant limited to special folks like the eminently-admirable Para Olympics going on in Sochi at this very moment. This … [Read more...]