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If Bullies went after possible Oscar two timer—-past Winner and current Nominee—-is any girl safe?

Oscar Winner--and nominee for a second Oscar this week--admits to being the girl bullies targeted. A while back, The Sun in the UK broke the story that Jennifer Lawrence was bullied throughout her childhood. And in a recent interview in Vogue after landing on the coveted cover of the September 2013 issue, Lawrence revealed she had an awkward, unhappy childhood that included medication and therapy. When she finally moved to Los Angeles--where she pursued her longtime acting dream--she was … [Read more...]

Cleft Heart Photos – Laura’s friends and STENERSON relations.

To give Cleft Heart readers a behind the scenes look at Laura's life, here are photos of some of her friends and Stenerson-side relatives.        Laura (rt)  with brother Marshall and his wife SF Conservatory of Flowers See, too, prior blog with other friends and Schonborn-side relations. … [Read more...]

Incognito-Martin Bullying affair: May take Two to Tangle

Perceived vulnerability and Bullying Newly released messages between Jonathan Martin and his family may indicate it takes two to tangle. A report by  John Healy  (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS) suggests that the perceived vulnerability of Martin may've egged on Richie Incognito and others. Martin and Incognito played next to each other on the offensive line for the Miami Dolphins until last year when Martin quit the team and Incognito was let go by Dophins management. Healy's article reminds us … [Read more...]

Update on NFL Martin Incognito Bullying Scandal: two other players involved.

Report released on bullying scandal involving Miami Dolphins' Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. I'm passing on--without comment--this relatively neutral summary of the others named in the Wells Report to the NFL .  "Without comment" because there is much to digest in the report. I'll weigh in on some of the report's findings and other interesting issues in my next blog. Meanwhile, why don't you chime in? Wiki Summary of Well's NFL report naming John Jerry and Mike Pouncey   "On … [Read more...]

Cleft Heart Photos – Laura’s friends and SCHONBORN relations.

  To give Cleft Heart readers a behind the scenes look at Laura's life, here are photos of some of her friends and Schonborn-side relatives. See, too, companion blog with other friends and Stenerson-side relations. Laura with another sis-in-law, my Aunt Dorothy   … [Read more...]

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s many Faces

Which of  Philip Seymour Hoffman's many faces will we remember the most? Most of us have seen the headline that Hoffman was the Face of Heroin Addiction--a poster boy of sorts for the tragic epidemic sweeping through parts of America. He may've been the Face of Genius, too. I noticed a great photo collection of Hoffman's faces in several different roles reinforcing the notion that he could slip in and out of facial expressions and personae as easily as we mortals slip in and out of … [Read more...]

Which Hero, Villain or Fool would you rather play golf with? Peyton Manning?

Admittedly, my golf game's rusty. Can't remember when I last played. Maybe ten years ago with a neighbor. But here's the point, what hero, villain or fool in your world would you like to have a beer with, spend some time with? Peyton Manning's my choice. Not only could we talk about cleft palate surgeries we'd endured, we could probably talk about resilience. He could've stayed out of the public eye after Sunday's Super Bowl debacle where the Seattle Seahawks dominated his Denver Broncos. … [Read more...]