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Bullied young Girl becomes a Model and Learns about Looksism

Borrowing excerpts from an interview done by Quora about nonsurgical transformation, I'm impressed with Lyndsey's honesty as well as lingering middle-school insecurity.  Nonsurgical Transformation Taught Lyndsey about "Looksism." "I didn't technically start being bullied until my super awkward high school years where I all of a sudden found myself at 5'9" and 89 pounds.  ...  I was a late bloomer.  Didn't really start looking like a model until after college.  So it's been a rather … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning’s Cleft Palate — Super Bowl QB faced Challenges

  Peyton Manning's experience with a Cleft Palate. Peyton Manning was born with a cleft palate on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, he's an outstanding NFL (National Football League) quarterback for the Denver, Broncos. He is a son of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and an elder brother of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Peyton faced many obstacles with his disabilty: a cleft palate is a condition in which the two plates of the skull that form the … [Read more...]

Nonsurgical Transformation Taught Janelle about “Looks.”

Surgery often transforms people with oral facial defects from being being shunned to being accepted.In interviews conducted by Quora, this one by Janelle caught my eye because of her insights. Her proximity to where I live helped, too. She lives in a nearby city and milieu that I'm familiar with. Other interviewees in Quora's Q & A project live in parts of the world where I don't know high school socialization customs and standards of beauty as well. What does it feel like to go from … [Read more...]

The Complicated Causation of Cleft Lips and Palates — Genetics is only part of the still-unknown equation.

                  Here I am back in November with Noah, my superhero friend with a cleft lip and palate. Recently, I came across another great picture of him , as a shy ladies man. Well, really Noah is with his twin sister, and she has no clefts. This suggests the genetic complexity of clefts. . . and genetics is only one causal … [Read more...]

Why Cleft Affected Teens may hate Cellphones & Social Media

What if you were a teen and couldn't use a cellphone or splash your picture around the internet? Would you feel left out, a social outcast, and perhaps isolate yourself from your peers? This happens with cleft lipped and palated youths who avoid phones because they speak "differently" and avoid circulating photos because they're ashamed of how they look. Communicative disorders & the Cleft Affected Teen Their speech difficulties may occur because surgeries and/or speech training … [Read more...]

Another Battle in the War between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery: Plastic Surgery for Barbie game.

Tension between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery How much lipo and how many boob jobs can highly-trained surgeons allow themselves to do? I tend to side with those who ask this guilt-inducing question. The notion being that so many people in the US, not just around the world, need the services of doctors who've completed 4 years of college, 4 years of med school, a year of internship, and years as surgical residents. Then, plastic surgery specialization tops off their training. Besides … [Read more...]

Characters during last part of Cleft Heart

SPOILER ALERT: You know the drill. The last of four Cleft Heart collages showcases key characters toward the end of the book.  Top row from left: Ellen Nettle on SS Indochine. Janice Seldine and friend. Ellen and I in Singapore. Second row: Sketching at demonstration. Laura at Gayle's wedding. My wrist band for facial surgery. Bottom: Wedding day. Lincoln Memorial Rally 1967. Marching on the Pentagon. Simplified diagram of nasal cartilage manipulated during surgery. … [Read more...]