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Supervillains—McAfee’s Most Toxic Superheroes

My Firefox browser has seized up because a website selling Anti-Aging Cream grabbed hold and won't let go. Interestingly, McAfee’s Online Security Expert, Robert Siciliano, just shared  which superheroes are kryptonite on the web and result in bad links. These superheroes flip to villainous creatures because their sites are laden with viruses, malware, and malicious software designed to steal passwords and personal information.McAfee, of course, knows about such things and researches these … [Read more...]

Some Cleft Lip kids still have a Scary Face after Halloween

By Terry Ryan A scary face is acceptable at Halloween time, in fact expected, and the scarier the better according to most children. But what happens to the child that still has a “scary” face after Halloween when they take their Frankenstein or Dracula masks off? I’m talking about children who suffer from cleft lips.  They can never take off  their facial deformities or scars from the many operations they have had to endure to correct their smiles. These children have to tolerate the stares … [Read more...]

Praise for Cleft Heart from Kirkus Reviews

Here's an excerpt from first my first Big League review: "[After Schonborn’s] first day of kindergarten, he complained that no one seemed to understand him when he spoke. His mother, wise beyond her years, reassured him by saying that the other children ‘needed to be better listeners.’ The author writes charmingly of his childhood, particularly when he describes the many ways his birth defect affected his young parents and siblings. For example, while Schonborn’s 2-year-old sister watched … [Read more...]

Official Back Cover Blurb for Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal

Karl Schonborn’s silver tongue is locked away for years by a birth defect that makes his speech unclear and his face asymmetrical. Bullies target him for this and even for being restricted from PE and sports. But with courage, humor, and his family’s love, he overcomes shame, handicaps, and personal losses that might have defeated others. Skilled doctors, speech therapists, and his own determination allow him a shot at his dream of becoming a debate star and attending an elite … [Read more...]

Live, Love, and Laugh with Author of Cleft Heart

A baby announcement: Born today, October 15 A ruddy-looking, one pound, three ounce . . . book. Midwife - Wayman Publishing Since my two kids aren’t even married yet, Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal is the closest thing to a grandchild I’ll be seeing for a while. You can catch a glimpse of the Schonborn newborn at: AMAZON copy n paste to browser … [Read more...]

Battle Royal over Richard III’s Remains.

In my recent blog "Deformity, Heroes, Repulsion, and Love," I mentioned Richard III as a classic example of storytellers like Shakespeare demonizing someone with a deformity.* Even Disney --the current most trusted storyteller for children--has been caught doing it lately, as I pointed out in my blog about Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger demonizing a villain with a cleft lip. Some academics, by the way, claimed Shakespeare was just taking literary license by giving his mean, murderous king in … [Read more...]

Standing up to Looksism and Gay Bashing

Eleven-year-old Caine Smith was choked, beaten, harassed, and was called a long list of names simply because he had two moms and long hair. Instead of staying locked away and hiding, he stood up and did something about it. Thanks to my friend Sabine Hathaway for alerting me to this great Upworthy video. … [Read more...]