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Deformity, Heroes, Repulsion, and Love

It may startle some, but people in a few countries still banish cleft  lip and palate kids to back rooms due to beliefs, like those espoused in the Old Testament, that clefts have been touched by Satan and made imperfect and impure. Even in more recent times, great writers have promulgated backward beliefs regarding deformities. Shakespeare’s ruthless protagonist in Richard III, for example, convinced audiences for centuries that Satan had touched deformed people. A while ago I came across … [Read more...]

Cleft Heart Speaking Engagements Announced by Anti-bully Warrior

As visitors to the Cleft Heart FB Page know, I'm Karl Schonborn's dog, Monte, also known as the Anti-Bully Warrior. Get to know me by watching me for a few seconds below and visiting Here are the exciting new bookings for Karl Schonborn: October 19 (Saturday), 2012 Talk re  bullying, signing 3  pm--5pm Barnes & Noble 1149 S Main St. Walnut Creek, CA ‎ 925 947-0373 Free parking under store, enter via Olympic Blvd. October … [Read more...]

Another victim of cyberbullying is buried — less than 3 weeks after Bart Palosz.

What's shocking is this victim of cyberbullying, Rebecca Sedwick, was 12 years old. Cyberbullied Bart was 15. Rebecca's friends and family said goodbye to her today. Many of the 250 people at the funeral wore  T-shirts with an anti-bullying slogan in neon green, the girl's favorite color. Family members had asked mourners to wear colorful clothing because Becca, as she liked to be called, hated black. Too dreary. A Tampa Bay TV news source, Grayson Kamm reported that Lyndsey Brown, Becca's … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying victim Starts SophomoreYear, Kills Self.

Excerpts from an August 30, 2013 New York Times article: "Boys picked on Bart Palosz almost from the moment his family moved to [upscale Greenwich, Connecticut] seven years ago. They taunted him for his accent — he was born in Poland — pushed him into bushes or down stairs and smashed his new Droid cellphone, his sister [Beata Palosz,18] said. … His death has left the community — which has 9,000 students in its school district — asking whether it did enough to address the bullying or to … [Read more...]

Peace Out Teen Program might’ve saved Bullied Boy

Nearly every pew was filled at a funeral service for Bart Palosz, which was held at the Holy Name of Jesus Church in Stamford, Connecticut August 30th. Reminded me of my experience in a gilded suburb years ago. If only Bart's school had subscribed to the Peace Out Teen Program (drop by Peace Village began offering curriculum on a contract basis to public and private schools in 2005  in Eugene, Oregon.  Its award-winning Peace Out curriculum integrates peace and … [Read more...]

And still more Reverse Looksism?

Am I sensing a turnaround? Is the race beginning to go to the Plain Janes and Sorry Sams rather than the Perfect 10s?  It would seem so judging from yet another media story about a 10, Alicia Silverstone, losing a role back in the 1990s because she was ‘too pretty’ for ‘My So-Called Life.’ According to The New Yorker, co-creators of the highly regarded TV series---that dared to deal with  child abuse, homophobia, teenage alcoholism, homelessness, school violence, and drug use---argued over … [Read more...]