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Sacked for Being too Attractive? Iowa and Islamicists Might’ve Changed History.

Michael Kimmel wrote a July 16, 2013 NYTimes piece  regarding lookism where he pointed out that Melissa Nelson's recent legal case rests not on her beauty but on her employer's perception of her beauty. Her dentist boss felt she would injure him by tempting him into cheating on his wife if she remained in his employ. (Writer Timothy Beneke notes the "danger" beautiful women represent is reinforced in the terms people use to describe them—bombshell, knockout, stunning, femme fatale.) Kimmel … [Read more...]

Reverse looksism?

Over the years, I've been subject to facial discrimination, a term I coined a while back. (Much of this discrimination occurred while I was growing up, and it's laid out in Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal.) For this reason, I hope to initiate discussions of looksism on this site from time to time. Looksism part of the Celebrity Culture we live in. The recent flap over the dental assistant who has twice lost court battles in Iowa over being fired for being "irresistable," reminded me of Katherine … [Read more...]

Monte, the Anti-Bullying Warrior

By popular demand, here's a video of Monte, the Anti-Bullying Warrior. One of his favorite playmates is his purple ball. Click on the following link to activate the video P1060621 Visit for more pictures of Monte and info about Cleft Heart. … [Read more...]

“Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal” Facebook Page Launched

Anti-Bully warrior, Monte, encouraged me to set up a Facebook page for Cleft Heart and his favorite cause, the elimination of bullying in schools and online. Monte's a rescue dog who's spent four months in shelters of various sorts. He's had a hard life so far, and still gets bullied, though by dogs and not humans now. Since bullying is part of the Cleft Heart story, I encourage you to visit and give the public page that pops up a Like. … [Read more...]