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Heroes, Villains and Fools: Mixes and Archetypes

Are any of the iconic figures in the slide show to the left a mixture of heroic, villainous and foolish? (Pause the show with your cursor or finger. If you can't figure out who's who, go to the PROMOTIONS page for the answers. In my opinion some of the icons in the slide show--and many who are not included in the show--are a mix. Why would this be? Well, many icons have been 'debunked' in modern life by journalists, biographers, and people “in  the know.” For example, former hero and … [Read more...]

Why a website partly dedicated to Heroes, Villains and Fools?

     My latest blog post is immediately below this one. Also, look to the right margin for lists of all recent blogs and archived ones. For collages of photos from Cleft Heart, click on Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 on the archive list.Part of the rationale for this website is that many people in western societies are obsessed with celebrities who often act out the hero, villain or fool roles in their work--be it in entertainment, athletics, government, etc.--or in their real … [Read more...]