Second take on the Bullying Brawl in the NFL

Jonathan Martin at Stanford '11Wiki Cmns

Jonathan Martin at Stanford ’11 Wiki Cmns


Richie not Incognito ’08 Wiki Cmns

So, what bullying info has emerged in the week since the relationship between two Miami Dolphins became public?

Some snippets from recent mass media accounts:

Evidence in the form of a tape surfaces that Richie Incognito’s text and other exchanges with Jonathan Martin crossed the line.

“According to ESPN‘s Adam Schafer, the most egregious of these exchanges was a highly graphic voicemail Incognito left in April 2013, in which Incognito called Martin a “[mulatto} piece of s**t,” threatened to slap Martin’s mother across the face, and even uttered a death threat against Martin.” Wiki.

So it looks like Incognito threatened Martin and his family.

Moreover, “[u]ntil obtaining the tape from Martin’s legal team, the Dolphins had publicly maintained the charges against Incognito were pure speculation. Schefter said that as late as the afternoon of November 3, the Dolphins didn’t even know the voicemail even existed.” Wiki.

However, Incognito denies he’s a racist, and his comments almost go viral on TV stations across the land.

And, to complicate things, Incognito’s dad reveals his son was bullied as a youngster for being “fat.” The bullied become the bulliers, shades of Lindsay Lohan’s character in the movie “Mean Girls.”

Some speculate as to whether Incognito is a bully or a victim?

Does football bullying run deeper than racist taunts by Incognito?

Richie Incognito’s dirty play didn’t stop coaches from giving him chances.

It took a village to raise Richie Incognito, according to the people at CBS Sports on line. “This doesn’t just happen, but is allowed to happen. He’s encouraged, developed, applauded. Maybe the applause was muffled, but Richie Incognito heard it plain as day when Nebraska kept putting him on the field and Oregon considered doing the same and the Rams drafted him and the Bills signed him and the Dolphins paid him millions and added him to the team’s elite leadership counsel.”

Starting a decade or so ago—when Incognito started “playing dirty” in high school– a whole host of adults allowed Incognito to become the man we know him as today.

To be continued in Friday’s blog post. . .

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